LTRVD0385 RV Weather Safety

RV Weather Safety

RV Weather Safety is the focus of this show. We will discuss many aspects of weather safety as it applies to RV’s and RVers. This is an important subject and the information presented here can save your life.

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RV Inspection Connection

During the mail segment, we discussed where to get information on RV inspection, and we recommend the RV Inspection Connection as what we think is the very best place to go. We are an affiliate, so please mention Living the RV Dream when you call them.

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

We discuss the physical makeup of these types of storms and where the potential danger spots are. Storm surge is a major consideration, and we talk about as well. Kathy and I mention how to get prepared for heavy weather and location the local storm shelter(s). Staying in your RV can be a very deadly decision and should not be taken lightly.

Storm Surge

Storm Surge can be the most dangerous part of a hurricane or Tropical Storm. Low lying areas can be flooded quickly and bring debris and snakes among other things.

RV Weather Safety


Tornados can be spawned from hurricanes and tropical storms. They can have very powerful winds and warning is only a matter of minutes. Keeping up to date with a weather radio is the key to your safety.

Weather Radios

Our weather radio is our first line of defense against hurricanes, tropical storms, and other heavy weather. We have 2. One is a hand-held portable. The other is an AC powered and battery backed radio dedicated to the 7 NOAA radio weather channels. It is equipped with SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology that allows the radio to receive only localized warnings. This feature must be programmed with SAME numbers from either the NOAA phone number 1-888-697-7263, or on-line at

The “Go Bag”

Our Go Bag is up front in our RV very near the door. It contains all the essentials we will need after evacuating to a shelter after an emergency. We discuss all the items that should be in your “Go Bag”.