LTRVD0407 Tiffin Service Announcement

Tiffin Service Announcement

The Tiffin Company has issued a Tiffin Service Announcement letter changing the criteria by which Tiffin motorhome owners can get factory service. Now, only rigs 4 years old or newer will get the full service package after waiting for a service bay. Others may wait for a service job that can be done by 2 technicians in 3 hours. This is a major change from one of the very best and generous service policies in the industry. There are too many Tiffin products and too few service opportunities to accomodate them all.

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Canada Sesquicentennial

This year is the 150th anniversary of Canada, or it’s sesquicentennial. As a result, entrance into all Canadien National Parks is free of charge for the remainder of the year 2017. You must order a “Discovery Pass” which is available at this web address:

Annual Calendars

Save those annual calendars on which you write reservations, appointments, and other travel data. It is a great record to look back on and leave to your kids as a record of your travels. We have all the calendars we used in 12 years on the road. We also enabled the time and date feature of our camera so we can look back and see what we were doing in any given year.

Our 2007 travels

We used those calendars and dated pictures to do this show about our 2007 camping year.