LTRVD0317 Kathy is Home

Be A Workamper
Kathy is home!! We are so thankful for all the letters, cards, prayers, and other communications that we received and now she is home to stay. We hope all of you will fly our stars and stripes for Memorial Day on the 25th of May to honor all our heroes who stand in the gap for our freedom.
We answered a lot of listener mail. One listener gave us a great game to play to learn about world geography. Go to and give it a try.

Our friends Phil and Tracy May have sold their business, TechnoRV to Eric and Tami Johnson and they will be in attendance at the Gathering Rally here at Horseshoe Cove RV Resort in October. Check out the business at or email Eric at .

Our friend Ben Robinson, the CFO at Workamper News will be giving a free on-line training class on bookkeeping starting June 3rd. This can be a great gig for folks who want to work as they travel. Check it out at

Next we answer a lot of issues we see on the Living the RV Dream Facebook group. Many subjects and issues are covered.

Next we talk about the Gathering, our rally to be held here at Horseshoe Cove in October. Join our ltrvdgathering Facebook Group at for information all about the event. Send an email to for sign-up information and a schedule of events.

Lastly John discusses changes to the Living the RV Dream website to help with navigation around the more than 100 web pages there at