LTRVD0354 Techno RV

Techno RV owners Eric and Tami Johnson are the subjects of this week’s interview. We recorded it at the Tampa Supershow. If you need anything electronic for you or your RV, Techno RV is the best place to go for both sales and good advice as well as excellent after sales customer service.

We read the mail and discussed a potential safety hazard. If the person in the navigator’s seat places something on the dash, it could easily block the driver’s view of that side mirror. Even with a side view camera, once in the camera blind spot, you will need a properly adjusted side view mirror to see vehicles alongside.

We answered an inquiry about whether or not to buy a Thousand Trails membership. Our view is you should first have a Passport America membership. All the Thousand Trails parks are in the Passport system and you can visit them at half price. The next best thing is to purchase a Thousand Trails Zone pass that gives you access to around 20 of the Thousand Trails parks in a geographic zone for $525. Check out Thousand Trails at

Then we discussed the potential issues of purchasing a 17-year-old rig that had been unused for 7 years. Obviously, the tires and batteries along with all fluids from engine and generator would have to be changed out. I would also replace all engine belts as well. Then a serious investigation of all rubber gaskets and seals would need to be done. I would go over the roof thoroughly looking for cracking and bad caulk. If the price was right, it could possibly be a good rig to get through the years until retirement.

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Next week another interview from the Tampa show as well as more tips and adventures.