LTRVD0303 Tampa RV Show Vendors

We have moved up to Wildwood, FL and are getting ready to move to Texas for the rest of the winter. We finish up our report on this year’s Tampa RV Supershow Vendors we visited and were impressed with.

Many of these are campgrounds and campground groups. We stopped by many, many booths and discussed the amenities and special programs these campgrounds and resorts had to offer including special rates for the winter.
We spent a lot of time looking at 5th wheel Trailers this show and we were most impressed with the Excel line from Peterson Industries of Smith Center, KS. These are extremely well built rigs and both Kathy and I decided that if we ever want a 5er, this will be the one.

We have been attending the RV Maintenance Technician Course put on by Terry Cooper aka the Texas RV Professor for the last week and we are impressed and we’ll do a full report next week.

LTRVD0301 RV Daily Report

We interview the editor of the RV Daily Report as well as talk again about the Tampa RV Supershow and many of the things we saw. We also express our sincere appreciation for all the folks who came out to meet us and Nick and Terry Russell at our Friday and Saturday meet and greets. Nick is the editor of the Gypsy Journal. It was awesome and humbling at the same time.

We had a really informative interview with our friend Greg Gerber, editor of the well regarded RV Daily Report . Greg spends a lot of the interview discussing what he sees as the future of the RV Industry, and it is a great future!

I think you will like this show and the interview.

Thoughts on the Tampa Supershow

What a great week we have had. First the Florida RV Show and now we are at the Fleetwood Motorhome Association rally here at Lazydays. The show was great lots to do and see, I think the only new thing in the RV division was a coat closet and an escape ladder. A newly released American Eagle had an escape ladder that was a shelf in the back bathroom, there was a lock to release and the whole shelf lowered to the ground to be like a stepladder. Very nice, much better than climbing out of the window. The coat closet was right across from the door in a side door model, it was small and it could be used for brooms and mops but there was nice space for coats.

Products we found were a Miracle grill mat, it covers the grill and you can cook right on it. It’s really great for fish and vegetables. Found a new apparel company selling RV4life, it’s on tees and everything else, personally I like our stuff better but you all know that.

Lots of campgrounds were there, KOA had a big display and they have are transitioning many of their locations into KOA journeys, KOA Holiday, and KOA Resorts. The journey parks are for overnight or a few days, the holiday has more patio RV sites, cabins and amenities, the resorts are a vacation destination.

The best part of the show was meeting so many of our listeners. We had a meet and greet on both Fri. and Sat. and wow what a humbling experience to meet all of you. Thank you for taking the time to come to talk with us. Nick and Terry Russell were with us and they too thought this was a great time. I hope we can do more of these. I would love to name everyone we met, but I’m not sure if I got every ones name. So, you know who you are and thank you.

It amazes me the totally different types of people who RV from executives to custodians. Just put us in a RV and we are so happy to be with others going down the road and sharing our adventures. There is no class status once you get into the RV, there are not racial issues either, there is just fellow RVers loving the lifestyle and talking about the places we have been and the people we have met. I know I have met some fantastic people. John says I’m a great interviewer but it is really just being overly curious, about how and why people choose to RV. The answers are always different and once you make the commitment and let go of all the stuff it is freedom itself.

Well, that’s all for today

God Bless and Happy Camping


LTRVD0300 Tampa RV Supershow Day two

We Had another good but tiring day at the Tampa RV Supershow Day 2. We looked at some interesting new products and a trusted old one or two. I picked up a can of Boeshield T-9 rust and corrosion protection. This stuff really works. Check it out at . Kathy talked with the folks at RV by Life who have been making RV care products for 40 years. They have an excellent product for cleaning your RV’s graphics called Graphix Wax. Check out their line of products at . For golfers who have problems with finding space in their rigs for a full set of golf clubs comes a unique golf set in a backpack from DV8Sports. There is one shaft and a complete set of iron and wood heads and a putter head. Check it out at . A new company called Gostik Products has a heavy duty suction cup with adapters for flat screen TV’s, cameras, and many other uses. This is a really cool product. Go to . We also looked at the Port-Bote, a folding boat that comes in lengths from 8 to 14 feet and is almost indestructible. .

We spent some time talking to the folks representing the RV Training Center in Clearwater, FL. They teach 4 10 week classes in all phases of RV repair to prepare their graduates for work as RV technicians.

We also look at a bunch of new rigs and we will report on them on another show.

Tampa RV Supershow Opening Day

We are at the 2015 Florida RV Supershow in Tampa Fl. And it has been a great show so far. We arrived here on Monday and get ourselves all set up and got the map of the show and set up our schedule. I highlighted the motorhomes, 5thwheels and trailers we wanted to see and set the days for each one. Of course, the first day we did the motorhomes because that’s what we live in and know the most about.
Tuesday is industry day and that is the day that everyone here gets their booths and displays ready. The rigs were all here already, but not all the staff and venders booths have totally been set up. So, with no public here it is easy to be able to talk with folks and view rigs. One of the first rigs we wanted to see was the new Trek 26ft gas RV from Holiday Rambler. I must be honest we were a little disappointed because it has great potential but it wasn’t quite ready for prime time. The unique feature is that the bed rises to the sealing on tracks and make room of another room underneath. The original Trek had the bed above the living room and this new design has it in the back of the rig and underneath there really is no rhyme and reason for the room there. I guess I didn’t understand what that room was to be used for. So, onward to Newmar’s new Dutchstar with handicap accessibility. The Dutchstar is a diesel engine rig and very nice. There was a handicap person in the rig at the same time and he commented that is was perfect. That was a great review. So, as long as we were there we check out all the new designed rigs and I was impressed with a new 39 foot Ventanna that had a coat closet right across from the door.

We then went to the vender buildings. I must say we found some get new products and some old reliable ones too. John wanted some BoeshieldT-9 rust and corrosion shield waterproof lubricant. RV LIFE had some fine RV care products. We talked with Grace the president of the company and they have been working hard to develop new and useful product’s to take care of your rig. They have developed a graphics wax that is designed to clean the graphics on the rig and not damage any of them.
There were so many you will have to just listen to the next several podcasts and we will tell you more.
The best part of the show is meeting with old friends and listeners. Greg Gerber of the RV Daily Report is here, Nick and Terry Russell of the Gypsy Journal, Terry Cooper the Texas RV Professor, Don Hume and his lovely wife of America’ s mailbox, Suzy Fletcher of Fleetwood, and we had a chance to meet listeners the Stahlmans. Well, I will close out for now and write more later. God Bless You and Happy Camping! Kathy

Here we are on opening day of the 2015 Tampa RV Supershow. I found probably the best class A gas coach ever in a 38 foot Canyon Star by Newmar. This rig had it all for full-time living with residential refrigerator, stacked washer/dryer, good food prep space and the list goes on.
Later on at the American Coach display we found Kathy’s dream rig in a 39 foot Revolution that had almost everything she says is necessary for full-time living. A little over our current budget though.
Last night was the Florida RV Trade Association vendor appreciation dinner. We met a lot of folks including Terry Cooper aka the Texas RV Professor and resident of the RV Inspection Connection. We will be interviewing him later in the week for inclusion in one of the RV Show podcasts. We also met up with Phil May and his wife Tracy from Techno RV. She is looking really great after undergoing all the treatment for breast cancer. They will probably be at our Gathering in October.
Lots of other stuff we will discuss later on. Four more days of RV show await us and we’re already tired. John