LTRVD0335 Storing Your RV

Be A Workamper

We open this Storing Your RV show after the mail with some advice on changing out your original fresh water pump with an AquaJet RV from Aquatec. Ours has served us well for over 7 years. Get it at the RV Water Filter Store


In our feature, we start with winterizing your RV’s fresh water system. This is a prelude to Storing Your RV during the off season. We discuss covers, cleaning, pest control, and what to do with your batteries. We also discuss the additional items you must do with a motorized RV.

Then Kathy and John talk about the 2015 RV Oops Awards, an annual feature on Motorhome Magazine.

John talks about the pro’s and con’s of Floor heating registers vs. Wall mounted registers.

LTRVD0291 Winterizing Your RV

Kathy talks about her Christmas workamping job as a Santa’s helper in a new mall in Sarasota. Then we discuss an excellent water softener for RV’s from the folks at Stain-Less Water Filters. Check it out at . Then we discussed a new website for folks to pass on information on workamping jobs. It is a very interesting and useful site at .

Then John gets into the main section all about winterizing your RV. There are several ways to winterize the water systems . We also talk about winter storage and what precautions to take before putting your rig to sleep for the winter.