LTRVD0359 Spring RV Preparations


Spring RV Preparations are the main segment of this week’s show. During the email segment, we received an answer to a listener question about how to make a map with all the places they have visited with attached pictures. We got a great answer from Keith Cooper on using a spreadsheet file to upload to MY Maps in Google Maps. Keith provides an example in a blog post at .

In the main segment, we cover many aspects of Spring RV Preparations. We start with removing the cover if you use one. Then we cover reinstalling and charging the rig batteries along with filling propane tanks.

Then we move forward to checking vital fluids in motorized rigs engines as well as in generators. We discuss exercising your generator with a load.
Next up we cover repacking wheel bearings and checking tires for dry rot cracks and airing them up to the recommended cold pressure. We also check all smoke, carbon monoxide, and lp gas alarms and replace batteries as necessary.

Next up is a test of all propane fired appliances. We save the water heater until after we de-winterize the fresh water system by removing all antifreeze from the system. This is a good time to sanitize the fresh tank as well.

Now we fire up air conditioners and check all circuit breakers and GFCI circuits. This is also a good time to flush both the grey and black water holding tanks. Check all your water hoses as well as sewer hoses for leaks now as well.

The first trip in your rig should be a short shakedown to verify all systems are operating including exterior lights.

We discuss our upcoming rally, the Living the RV Dream Gathering that will happen in October at the Horseshoe Cove RV Resort in Bradenton, FL. A new addition this year will be a safety seminar and voluntary rig weighing by the RVSEF staff.