LTRVD0299 Lake Okeechobee

We had the opportunity to meet some of our listeners this week at the park craft sale. We met Lyle and Tracy and Charles and Christine Smith. We love our listeners! We had quite a bit of mail this week with lots of good questions and also much good information.

We took at trip around Lake Okeechobee earlier in the week and we discuss that. We discuss some new information about the Living the RV Dream Gathering along with the new email address of to get a sign-up sheet. We also have a LTRVD Gathering Facebook group where we will post current information all about this upcoming event.

Kathy discusses a large list of businesses that provide senior discounts including food, grocery, transportation, department stores and more. You just have to ask. Then John has a Tip of the Week about keeping your RV plumbing from freezing during the current cold spell across much of the country. We also ask our listeners to email us about places RVers would want to see that is close by where they live. We will post these in a file on our Living the RV Dream Facebook Group.