LTRVD0395 RVing Exit Strategy

RVing Exit Strategy

RV Exit Strategy is our main topic for this show. We have talked about the exit plan before when discussing goal setting for your RV adventures. It is the part of goal setting we spend the least time on because we want to get out and enjoy our country.

Certainly, that has been the case with Kathy and me. We knew we would come off the road at some point, but our focus was in the “Now”. We thought we would be RVing full-time for at least another 5 years. How wrong we were.

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Life Happens

We were on our spring trip out of the south and headed up the Great River Road along the Mississippi river. We had been planning the trip for a whole year. Kathy’s sudden illness changed all that in an instant.

We were still living in our RV full-time, but going nowhere. We tried one trip and it was successful, but only because we had family along the way to receive her medications that are delivered weekly and must be refrigerated.

The decision to stop RVing full-time and get into a house was a very hard one, and we will not give up RVing entirely, but instead get a smaller rig and make shorter trips.

Planning for the inevitable

We discuss the practical issues around RVing Exit Strategy planning, especially the financial impact. Your planning needs to start as soon as you make the decision to become a full-time RVer. You simply must have a nest egg to fall back on. We talk about some ways to make that happen.

While this subject isn’t the most enjoyable part of our lifestyle, it can be the most important.