LTRVD0388 RV Tips

RV Tips

RV Tips is the subject of this episode. From the mail to the end, we feature subjects and RV Tips that all RVers can use.

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Email Tips

In the mail segment, we discuss such things as “where is the sweet spot in choosing a used rig that won’t lose too much value when resold in 3 or 4 years?” John talks about input on the Mobile RV Academy from a recent graduate who can now fix most RV issues that pop up.

We received information on a new GPS enabled product that can protect your RV by alerting you of movement of the rig and can also track it. The company is WHRZT as in where’s it? Check it out at .

Another interesting question that came out of email from a listener is how do you deal with bridges with low weight limits on the way to a campground. Some states, particularly in the west, have maps of bridges and their weight limits. I need to research this issue more.

A comment on our show about slide room maintenance brought out the fact that lighter weight rigs like Class C’s built on a Ford E-450 chassis will experience some chassis flex when certain wheels are elevated with blocks in order to level the rig. This can cause slide rooms to not travel the entire length of their mechanisms and bind up until the flex is removed.

Road School Moms

Kathy and I will be live on the “Roadschool Moms” broadcast done by the folks at Fulltime Families. The show will start about 9:15 PM Eastern time Sunday evening the 2nd of October. The link is

Boondocking Tips

Both of us talked about boondocking and where you can and cannot dump grey water. This was a good discussion on how to get both holding tanks to need dumping at nearly the same time.

RV Rally Tips

Kathy and John discussed how to enjoy an RV rally. Lots of good RV Tips here.

LTRVD0358 RV Tips


RV Tips is the focus on this week’s show. We cover quite a few including some safety tire tips.

We kick off this session of RV Tips with a short history of Camping. This is a collection of interesting facts and dates for items such as Campgrounds, Tents, Lanterns, Stoves, Cooler Chests, Air Mattress, and Sleeping Bags. Funny how the military had such a hand in equipment development.

Kathy discusses some items that should be in a campground store. This came from a discussion on the Living the RV Dream Facebook group.

Next we talk tire safety and especially as pertains to steel sidewall tires. These can explode when they have been damaged by being under inflated by as little as 20% below normal pressure. There is some really good advice here.

We also discuss how to handle your rig when a tire blows. Yes, you eventually want to stop, but first you accelerate to regain forward momentum and control. Then slow down and pull over.

Kathy discusses parking at Walmart and other big box stores over night. She also brings up the Escapees overnight parking RVer’s Good Neighbor Policy.

Next we again discuss personal safety during heavy weather conditions including tornado warnings.