LTRVD0370 RV Park Necessities

Our list of RV Park Necessities is different for several types of parks. We go into detail about overnight stops, 2 or 3 day stops, and resort type destination type campgrounds.


For overnight stay type pf campground, we are primarily concerned with the ease of getting there from our route of travel, and the ease of access to the park and the sites. We rarely use any park amenities on these types of stops.

RV Park Necessities for a 2 or 3-night stay add some local sights to see as well as possibly a laundry room and pool. Usually we are there to see a nearby attraction.


When it comes to RV destination resorts, our list of RV Park Necessities grows accordingly. Now we want to see many amenities like tennis and pickelball courts, large swimming pool and accompanying spa, fenced dog park, dog washing areas, rig washing areas, restaurant and/or bar, and other resort like things. We would like to know if our site has access to satellite TV. We would like to be escorted to our site. We go on some more in the podcast.

I didn’t include WiFi, free or otherwise as I have my own opinion on it. “Free” WiFi is never free. The costs are just passed on to the camper, and that is as it should be. The expectation that a campground should provide service as good or better that what you pay for at home is just unrealistic.

There are many RV Park Necessities that we believe should be a given for any type of park. That includes knowledgeable and welcoming staff; maintenance of park utilities and grounds is up to date and on-going; the park website is accurate and timely and pictures reflect actual conditions; staff knowledge of individual site conditions like access to satellite TV as well as length and width; and so many other things that make even a short stay enjoyable and cost the campground little.