LTRVD0389 RV Insurance

RV Insurance

We interview Chris Yust all about RV Insurance. This is a rerun of show number 253. Between the upcoming rally and the currently happening hurricane, we didn’t get a new show up this week. Next week we’ll record our show live at the rally with questions from the rally participants.

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LTRVD289 Choosing RV Insurance

Happy Halloween! After the mail, John repeats our new email address. It is . We discuss our buying issues with our new Honda CRV. Love the car, hate the buying process. We also talk about our new data plan with Verizon since the demise of Millenicom.

Kathy talks about a way to generate heat when you are without electricity by heating up a crock pot with tea candles. It really works!

Today’s feature is all about choosing RV Insurance. John talks about things to look for and questions to ask while obtaining RV insurance. Next we discuss the special insurance needs of full-time RVers. We also bring up towing and roadside assistance plans, special RV medical insurance that will cover air ambulance transportation to your home hospital, and Extended Warranties and service plans.

Kathy talks about a Facebook group to exchange recipes called Deb’s RV Cooking. John reads a bulletin from Michelin about RV tire life. Then we mention how all our eBooks are listed on the Kindle Unlimited plan where for a monthly fee, one can borrow as many books as you can read.