Almost Stuck in the Mud

I love my bed. It is so warm and cozy I hate to get out of it on the cold mornings. It’s a sleep number bed, some people really do not like it but for us it works great. It was in the 30’s this morning and we (John and I and Charlie) were all snuggled in and unwilling to go out into the cold. However, Charlie couldn’t wait so I got up to take care of him. We usually walk about a mile or so, but this morning Charlie did his business and went right back to the rig. Good Boy Charlie.

We are near Wildwood Fl, at the 3 Flags campground and it is something to see. They have had a lot of rain and the ground was saturated when we arrived. We were able to get a 50amp site but getting in here was a wild ride. As you can see by the picture we almost got stuck.

The office people told us to be careful and then gave us direction on how to get into the site. However, it would have been easier if they had told us to back in. Lesson learned— not all people know what or the best way to park our rig. We should check first. Oh well, we are in and everything is going great.

This week we had a wonderful interview with Terry and Evada Cooper of the RV Inspection Connection. What a wonderful couple and what a great idea. We were also interviewed by Mike Wendland of Road That was a lot of fun, and it should air in about 2 weeks. Mike is an interesting guy, he was with NBC and several other stations. Check out his web site and download his podcasts. We are becoming a growing group of podcasters of the Rv industry.

Once we were settled into the site there was a knock on the door and the neighbor invited us over to a gathering at his rig. I love to do that kind of stuff, just sitting around and getting to know the people we are camping with. The diversity is incredible, of course, I’m talking about the women. One lady was doing cross stitch, one was knitting, one was showing us a new design for bowel pot holders, by the way a really great idea. I was talking with the Jan the lady next to me about genealogy, she is from Kentucky and my family passed through there generations ago. The men were busy discussing RV stuff and then we got into a discussion about chicken farming. Jim use to be a chicken farmer. I’m the curious type so I was asking all kinds of question about chicken farming. I am full of some very odd information.

Friday was dinner with Matt and Meredith Pokorny, a young couple who are professional crafters and are wanting to become full-timers. We sharred dinner at the Beef O’Brady’s in Bushnell. They are so full of enthusiasm and questions about going full-time, and they gave us a lot of information about craft fairs and what sells and what doesn’t. I love to bead but selling is another issue. I need to get going more on this.

Well, have a blessed week


LTRVD0302 RV Inspector Training

In this show we interview Terry Cooper aka the Texas RV Professor and his wife Evada or Lady E. Terry owns the RV Inspection Connection. The company both provides RV Inspector Training and arranges with prospective RV owners to have an RV inspected before they buy it. This is a very much needed service nowadays with so many folks buying used RVs.

We have developed a friendship with these lovely folks and I respect what they are trying to do with their new company. I will attend some of the training and I’ll report on it in a future show. This could be a wonderful opportunity for someone wanting to start their own small business as an RV inspector, and most of the details are in the interview.

Next week we’ll talk more about the Tampa RV Supershow.