RV Battery Watering System

Be A Workamper

Last week I changed out our motorhome’s house battery bank. This week I went back and installed an RV Battery Watering System. The old watering system was 6 years past the 3 year warranty, so it was time for a replacement.

I bought 2 Pro-Fill 2 battery systems from Amazon for around $62 each. My battery bank is pretty easy to access, but all the heavy gauge wiring on top of the batteries made4 it very hard to remove the fill caps. It was also hard to see down into the rear cells to check electrolyte level.

It was a pretty easy process going from battery to battery loosening the cables, or removing them as necessary to install the watering manifold. Once it was all finished and buttoned up, I used the pump I already had to fill all the cells. Then I used battery terminal spray to coat each terminal to prevent corrosion. The first picture is of the battery bank without the watering system.
The next is setting up each battery manifold,
Next the manifolds are placed and connected together
This RV Battery Watering System has made my monthly battery maintenance quite easy and I know each cell gets the distilled water it needs because the caps shut off the flow when the cell is at the optimum level. It’s not in the pictures, but I put all the battery hold down clips back on and tightened them.