LTRVD0374 National Park Maps

National Park Maps Website

We have found a link to an excellent website with links to over a thousand National Park Maps to over 90 National Parks and Monuments. The site is Matt Holly, the author of this website, is a park ranger. During the government shutdown in 2013, having nothing to do, Matt developed this website and started filling it with national park maps. The maps come from all over the national park system’s hundreds of web pages, and took a lot of research to dig out. Many are hiking maps showing the many trails within the park. Some of these are topographic maps of some of the remote regions of these parks. Next time you plan a trip to one of our national parks, check out this excellent site.


5 Questions to ask when buying an RV

We look at a short eBook from our friend Terry Cooper concerning the 5 questions you must ask and have answers to before buying an RV. First of all is “Why?” Why do I want to do this and will I be satisfied with the decision? From there we go on to whether or not one can live comfortably in such a small space, and what amenities and features do you need or want. Next we discuss who can help you evaluate the RV you have found, and last but not least, how can you learn more about this lifestyle? In conclusion, you need to do a lot of homework before you pull the trigger on a purchase.

Terry is a principal with the RV Inspection Connection at .


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We are starting up a monthly (for now) newsletter called Living the RV Dream (imagine that). It will have new information on the latest happenings in the RV Industry and lifestyle. We will also give you some behind-the-scenes looks at Living the RV Dream. We’ll also have information on upcoming promotions in our store as well as events where we will be attending. I hope you will check it out and subscribe to the newsletter, as I think you will enjoy it! We will not share readers’ e-mail addresses or other contact information with anybody else and never will. On each page of the Living the RV Dream website is a block for the Newsletter.

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