LTRVD0393 Is Full-time RVing Right for You

Is Full-time RVing Right for You

We answer the question; Is Full-time RVing Right for You The discussion starts by discussing living in a hallway 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many couples cannot do this without some alone time and solitude.

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We lay out the pitfalls that await folks who are either under insured and who have no health care insurance. That can be a real disaster if you have a serious illness out away from your usual support system and no insurance to pay the bills. Can you both do the physical things you must do while RVing? Are your required meds available when you need them?

Full-time RVing Mindset

You both, or all if there are more than 2 of you, must have a mindset that puts you all on the same page as far as communication, willingness to commit, and having a well thought out plan for full-timing and a plan for exiting the lifestyle


Will you be selling everything to buy a rig and still have enough to enjoy the lifestyle? Do you have a fallback plan if full-time RVing doesn’t work out? We discuss adequate down payment on RVs as well as having a well thought out budget to ensure you can afford this new adventure.


Have you set goals for travel, both short term (one year) and long term (5 years and up)?


Have you found a workable floorplan that has enough space to have some Private time, as well as room for some hobbies, and room to cook if that is important?

Rig Capability

We lay out what is needed in the way of rig capability when climbing mountain passes; and is it small enough to park in State Parks


Have you planned the type of itinerary you will use in your travels? We discuss traveling less and stopping more often as well as the “go go go” style also called “Express Touring”.