LTRVD0353 Harvest Hosts

We interview Harvest Hosts founders Kim and Don Greene. These folks started a very unique and popular service where RVers can spend a night (usually boondock) at a farm or winery and learn all about the operation and even purchase produce or wine from the farmer or vintner. It is called Harvest Hosts and the web site is What a Win, Win! The RVer gets a free night and some new knowledge and the farmer meets new people and explains his business. We have been trying to get this interview for 4 years and we’re so glad we finally did.


We have been at the Tampa Supershow for the last week and we have several shows worth of material to share. We also recorded 4 interviews, this week’s Harvest Hosts interview one of them along with last week’s interview with Keith and Tia Simms of the Soulful RV Family. The other two will be coming up in the next two shows.

Before the interview with Harvest Hosts, we read a lot of listener mail. I asked you to email us with your questions and you did. We’ll be discussing mildew control and RV information websites. We have a wonderful description of a day at the Tampa Supershow by a longtime listener. We had an inquiry about one of our favorite websites about trailer weights and matching truck to trailer. That would be which is now back up and in full operation. We discuss wired and portable surge protection devices. I got some great advice from a listener suggested website about the harm long time idling of large diesel engines can do to the engine. Check that out at

I spend some time answering a question about what to take into consideration when storing a motorized RV for up to 3 months in Florida. I end the mail session with answers to what pressure to inflate trailer tires at different temperatures. This is a great show. Check it out!