LTRVD0368 Writing for Money

We talk writing for money from your RV in an interview with Nick Russell. Nick is a prolific writer publishing 4 to 5 books a year. He started with RV books and has now moved on to mysteries. All this in addition to a very popular daily blog at In this show, we discuss how you can make money writing from the comfort of your RV. We cover all types of writing including pamphlets, newsletters, blogs, up to writing novels.



We spend a good bit of time on blogging and whether to use a free service like Google Blogger, or to develop your own web page. We discuss many of the ways to monetize a blog such as Google ads, sponsored ads, affiliate programs, and others.

One of the main points made early on is that if you want to make money writing, you must treat your writing like a job and devote the time required to become successful. I was told by Nick that if you have a real passion for something, like our passion for RVing, then you probably have at least one book in you.

We cover book publishing, mainly by Amazon in their eBook (Kindle Direct Publishing), and print program (Create Space), as well as vanity publishers. We even spend a little time discussing traditional publishers. We also cover jobs that support writers such as eBook and print formatting services, manuscript editing and proof reading, and cover design. Authors are in constant need of these services.