LTRVD0350 RV Show Tips

RV Show Tips are the focus of this show. We start with initial planning and obtaining a show map and list of vendors. We briefly discuss obtaining advance financing. Then we discuss the things you need to being to the show, including first and foremost, comfortable shoes. Then a few other things like small camera, notebook, backpack, tape measure, small flashlight among others.

We had a little problem with show numbering. The Christmas rerun threw me off. Even though we said this is show number 349, it is actually number 350. That stuff happens when you get to a certain age.

Then we move on to some RV Show Tips for the day of the show, and how to maximize your time and see all the important things to you. Kathy goes into some length on checking out a rig for livability.

We found a new RV centric podcast from Jannine Pettit called Girl Camper Great audio quality and content. Check it out on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.