LTRVD 0392 Gathering Rally Recap

Gathering Rally Recap

We do a Gathering Rally Recap on this week’s show. We had an awesome time at this year’s rally. Many of the folks who were at last year’s Gathering thought this one was even better. Those kinds of comments make us know we did a good job for our attendees.

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Another RV Refrigerator Failure

This past Sunday evening, we returned to our rig to the overpowering smell of ammonia. I knew even before I looked at the refrigerator that the 3-year-old cooling system had failed. Fortunately, there was no fire as has happened to many other unlucky RV owners. We were able to use one of the park refrigerators to store Kathy’s meds for the night. Monday, we moved into one of the rental park model trailers until our rig is fixed.

We were fortunate to get an appointment at Campbell RV in Sarasota. They have done quality RV repair work for us in the past. We expect to have the rig back on Friday as you read this.

Southeastern Guide Dogs

We chose the Paws for Patriots program of Southeastern Guide Dogs as this year’s charity. They came in Thursday morning and gave a talk all about their programs. We knew then we had made a wise decision. During the rally, we had daily 50/50 drawings as well as a Chinese Auction. Proceeds from those activities raised $1000 for Southeastern Guide Dogs. I was so pleased to be able to deliver that money order to them this past week.

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes has been a sponsor of our podcast for the last 4 months. Until the rally, I had never ridden one. Mike McIlhenny, one of our rally attendees had purchased one and brought it along. He offered test rides for all who were interested. Well, I was hooked! What a cool machine. I was among many of us who had huge smiles after we experienced this fun way to ride.


During our live recording of our podcast on Thursday evening of the Gathering rally, we were given a brand new Rad Mini power bike by our friend Mike Tischler. We were both totally blown away. I’ve had a lot of fun riding it.

Roger “Hurricane” Wilson

Roger “Hurricane” Wilson was our entertainer for this year’s Gathering rally. Fortunately, he was able to camp here for most of the event. Friday night he put on a 2-hour concert that had the audience glued to the performance. He plays in many styles, but blues are his roots.

Future Gatherings

Will we do this again? Good question t5hat we have been asked often over the last week or so. We’re still a bit fried and no decision has been made. We’ll let you know through our podcast as well as our Facebook groups. For now, join the LTRVD Gathering Facebook Group for many pictures of this year’s event.