LTRVD0396 Full-time RV Living

Full-time RV Living

Full-time RV Living is the main subject of this week’s show. We’ve spent time on the last several shows talking about exit plans and other serious issues and today we start on a new series all about full-time RV Living and what a rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle it can be.

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Do Your Homework

Doing your homework really means doing all the research and legwork to decide if Full-time RV Living is really for you and your spouse or partner. Living in a hallway 24/7 isn’t for everyone. This is also the time when you research all the types and brands of RVs that are available and start to narrow down the field to find your ideal RV. We certainly recommend our book “So, You Want to be an RVer?” as well as our website, as great places to start that homework and research.

Are You Out of Your Mind?

Unfortunately, this is what we sometimes hear from friends and family members after we announce our plans for Full-time RV Living. I don’t really know why some folks just have to try and deflate our plans and dreams, but it does happen frequently. Often, its just simple lack of knowledge. Perhaps a little jealousy creeps in as well. In any case, don’t be surprised when you get this kind of reaction.

It Isn’t a Full-time Vacation

What you are entering is really a special kind of lifestyle. It may seem like a full-time vacation, but you soon realize that this is going to become your new normal. If you continue to do “Express Touring” as so many new full-timers do, you will burn through money and fail to truly enjoy your new life on the road.

What About All Our Stuff

It can be quite intimidating to move from a fully furnished 3 or 4-bedroom home to a 350 square foot RV. Obviously, you can’t take it all with you. Once you have made the decision to live full-time in your RV, Yard Sales, Craig’s List, the Salvation Army, and many others will quickly take care of most of that “stuff”. Remember, its just “Stuff”, not gold. It is what’s holding you back from freedom touring our awesome country. If you have valuable antiques and family heirlooms, a storage unit may be in your future. I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t go full-timing because of too much stuff.

Moving on

Next week, we’ll continue on with this series on Full-time RVing with some discussion on Domicile State and RV Mail Service. We intend to spend several weeks exploring all aspects of Full-time RV Living.