How High’s the Water Moma?

It’s not quite five feet high and risin’ as in the old Johnny Cash song, but it is well over the banks. We are here at the Peace River Thousand Trails Park near Wauchula, FL. We have had a LOT of rain all over Florida this Summer and now Fall. The Peace River surrounds this campground on 3 sides.

The lowest part of the park has only electric and water hookups due to flooding that has happened here in the past. Normally the river is about 8 feet below the bank in the back of the park. It was 6 inches below when we arrived and it is now over its bank and a new lake has formed in the low area of the park. Fortunately, we have a break in the weather coming up, so it should recede fairly soon. We are in the highest area of the park and from here, there is no indication of flooding. Just 150 yards away though is a new lake up to 3 feet deep across the lower part of the campground. So, the answer is “three feet high and risin'”!

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