LTRVD0394 First Radio Show

First Radio Show

We replay our First Radio Show as we are swamped with details of our changing lifestyle from full-time RVer to home-owner and part-time RVer.

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End of a 13 Year Run

This is a tough time for us as we still love the full-time RV lifestyle, but we must change due to Kathy’s health needs and the need to maintain a steady supply chain for her meds. We have been out here for 13 years and we had planned on many more. We will be selling our 2004v Fleetwood Expedition diesel motorhome. It has served us very well during over 60,000 miles traveling our beautiful country. We will put it in the shop for some needed repairs and then we will put it up for sale.

First Radio Show

The Radio Show

In this first of 18 weekly 1 hour radio broadcasts, we discuss how we got started RVing back in 2005. We hope you enjoy it, warts and all.

Moving Forward

We will continue to do the podcast on a weekly basis with all the same features we have had in the past. We will also keep up our website, We will especially continue to administer our Facebook groups and interact with all our RV friends. I will also try to get the monthly newsletter back on track. So really, the only change will be our not traveling full-time. We will be looking for a smaller rig such as a class C in the near future so we can still travel as much as Kathy’s supply chain will allow.