LTRVD0376 RV Controversies

RV Controversies

There are some RV controversies that seem to come up over and over again around a campfire, on Facebook, and in RV forums. We take on three of the more prevalent ones.

Auxiliary Braking Systems

The first of our RV Controversies is Why Auxiliary Braking Systems? There is always controversy when this subject comes up in a discussion. Are they really worth the more than a thousand-dollar expense?

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The answer is a resounding YES. Some states require it on all towed vehicles. Other states have requirements based on weight of the towed vehicle. What is little known is that a thorough look at a database of towing laws of the 50 states will show that an emergency Breakaway switch is required in most states. That switch is connected to an auxiliary braking system to stop the vehicle if it is disconnected from the towing vehicle.

Motorhome brakes are only rated for the weight of the motorhome, not the towed vehicle as well. That is a lot of extra weight pushing on the rig in a panic stop. Insurance claims adjusters will look very hard at non-equipped units. Let’s face it, having an auxiliary braking system is just common sense as well as peace of mind.

Next we discuss our new affiliates, Wholesale Warranties and TechnoRV . We also discuss how affiliate advertising works and how we benefit from it.

Extended Warranties

The next of our RV Controversies is Extended Warranties or service plans. We try to get into the why’s of it and reasons to have this coverage. The why’s are simply the high cost of RV repairs, the shocking likelihood of RV repairs, and to prevent spikes in repair bills and overpayment due to unexperienced RV repair facilities. We go into some detail on these.

We discuss the 2 main types of RV extended warranties; the comprehensive policy and the exclusionary policy and the differences of the 2. We briefly go over a list of exclusions in an exclusionary policy.

Free Park Wi-Fi

The third of our RV Controversies is Free RV Park Wi-Fi. We start with a brief discussion of exactly what Wi-Fi is, and which devices have the strongest radios to receive and transmit Wi-Fi signals. We go into some detail about the lack of security of Wi-Fi connections and the possibility of eavesdropping on your data stream.

Two things we discuss are these warnings:
The only way to protect yourself is to pay attention to the
number one rule of Internet security – NEVER ever use
the same password twice. DON’T DO IT!

XP has reached the point where it is no longer being supported
with security updates from Microsoft, and the core security in XP
is long obsolete. At the same time, the Russian Mafia is still very
actively supporting Windows XP, and hacker tools for exploiting
XP systems are thriving.

We spend quite a bit of time explaining bandwidth and bandwidth restrictions of must RV park Wi-Fi systems. We touch on the similar problems with pay services like Tengo Internet. We explain how some of the same bandwidth restrictions can also apply to cell towers and cellular communications.

My feeling on free Wi-Fi is that you should not expect an RV Park owner to supply you with internet access for free that you pay for at home.