LTRVD0380 Escapees and Full Time Families

Escapees and Full Time Families

Escapees and Full Time Families are the subject of this week’s show. We are in Essex Junction, VT at the 56th Escapees RV Club Escapade. Kathy and I have had a very full week here both presenting 2 seminars and manning a booth to sell our books.

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We sure appreciate all the listeners of our podcast as well as folks in our Facebook group who came up and introduced themselves. Kathy started to write the names down but she quickly got overwhelmed. Thanks to all of you who came by to meet us as well as to buy our books.

Escapees RV Club

Travis and Melanie Carr were named the President and Vice President of the Escapees RV Club this week, succeeding his parents, Bud and Kathy Carr. We interviewed them by phone a few months back and they were gracious enough to give us some time yesterday during a lull in the action to do another interview. I think you will enjoy what they have to say now and about the future of the Escapees RV Club.

Full Time Families

Kimberly Travaglino and her husband are the principals of the Full Time Families organization. We have been chasing them all over the country for an interview and our schedules finally allowed one. Kimberly gives us a good overview of the group and some insight on how they are able to raise, home school, and care for a family of 4 young kids while traveling full time in an RV.

We hope you enjoy these interviews as much as we did doing them.

LTRVD0280 RV Weights and Measures

After reading the mail, we discuss RV Weights and measures from the web page of the same name on our Website.   We discuss the role of the Recreational Vehicle Safety and Education (RVSEF) and their role in educating RVers and weighing RV’s at rally’s and RV shows.   We also talk about the Escapees RV Club Smart Weigh program.   We discuss some of the more important weight terms all RVers should know.


Then we read some more RVer boo boos that RVers discuss on our Facebook Group. Some of them are just too funny. Then John gives a tip on how to figure out how fast your black tank will fill up when flushing it.