LTRVD0371 Coach House RV

We discuss our visit to the Coach House RV plant in this week’s podcast. It is located here in Florida’s west coast in Nokomis just off of I-75.


After the mail, we lead off with an explanation of the just released information on the Norcold Class Action Settlement of the latest Class Action Lawsuit against Norcold for problems with its’s gas absorption refrigerators. The total settlement will be $36 million dollars with the first 25% or $9 million going to the lawyers. Much of the rest will go to administrative expenses and advertisement of the settlement. In the end, owners of the subject units might get anywhere from $166 (most likely) to $3319.92. More information can be found at . Deadline for submitting claims is 11:59 PM Aug. 26th, 2016.


We had a very nice time visiting the factory at Coach House RV. These class B and B+ rigs are easily the very best in their class. The fiberglass shells are built as single piece units in huge molds. All are built using hand laid fiberglass matts and carbon fiber reinforcement where needed. This gives a truly leak proof body. These rigs are also true 4 season units with R-18 insulation on all sides as well as in the floor. Here are some pictures we took at the factory.

Photo May 23, 10 44 02 AM

Photo May 23, 10 56 47 AM

The picture below shows the water lines all laid out on the inside of the rig where they will be safe from freezing. True 4 season rig feature.

Photo May 23, 10 50 55 AM

All the high-end appliances are individually tested before they are installed in a coach, something I have never seen at any other manufacturer. Some work force members have been with the company for over 20 years and the quality they put into these rigs shows up constantly. They have their own cabinet shop and upholstery shop. They also have a dedicated paint booth and fiberglass work-up area.

Coach House RV

Customer loyalty is almost fanatical, and many have their rigs after 20 years or more. The folks at Coach House RV certainly know their product and their market and they are at the very top in customer loyalty and product build quality. I know this sounds like a commercial, but we are not compensated by them, but we are simply impressed with the product.

John finishes up the tutorial on electric bicycles or eBikes with a discussion on what makes them cost so much more than conventional bikes. It’s the motor, and more so the battery that makes the difference as I explain.