LTRVD0316 Dental problems while RVing

Be A Workamper
This is a very busy show. We start off with Kathy’s condition and that she is Coming Home!!! She will be home with me in our motorhome by the time you listen to this. Thank you all for the prayers, encouragement, and kind words. We needed it all!

John talks about taking the RV Maintenance Technician course from Terry Cooper aka. “The Texas RV Professor” You can learn how to diagnose and repair many common RV problems as well as have done the first step to becoming a certified RV inspector. Check out the course and locations at If you are interested in becoming a certified RV inspector, go to .

Kathy discusses a recent article written by a former dentist all about dental problems while RVing that come up when you are away from your usual care providers. She has some great hint’s on how to reduce pain and discomfort before you get to a dentist.

John covers some of the potential down sides of the full-time RV lifestyle. It is true that this lifestyle so many of us love is not really for everyone.