CRV Baseplate Installation

Today we had the CRV baseplate installation done. To do this right, a lift is almost a necessity as well as all the right tools. For that reason, I had A and A Trailer Hitches in Bradenton, FL do all the work. They are both a Blue OX and Roadmaster dealer and have done great work for us before. They had all that done and installed a trailer hitch for a future bike rack in around 3 hours.



100_5198This is the before shot.

100_5199The lift makes everything much easier

The front facia is off
The front facia is off


The silver looking bar is the original equipment bumper that will be removed


Here is the baseplate that will go in the place of the original bumper.


Baseplate installed and wiring for the rear lights


Now the connector and harness for the rear lights is installed as well as the breakaway switch for the auxiliary braking system.


The facia is back on. Just need to complete wiring of the lights and the aux. brake wireless transmitter and we’re all done.

Our previous car was a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe which had to have a transmission pump installed in order to be flat towable. After 11 years and 160,000 miles plus another 65,000 being towed, it was time to get a new ride. The CRV is a 2014, and is the last of the flat towable Hondas as they have put CVT transmissions in the new CRV’s and Fit’s for 2015.

This was an easy job and I can highly recommend A and A. They have many year’s experience with hitches and flat towing solutions.