LTRVD0326 Phreds Poop Sheets

Be A Workamper

First we talk about our new Shark Rocket vacuum and how well it works in our rig. After the mail, we discuss a website I just came upon called Campground Views. It has videos and pictures of campsites in over 1800 campgrounds. Check it out at

Then we talk about a video by Mike Sokol, who I feel is the “Guru” of RV electrical systems. This video is all about “Hot skin” and how to detect it. Check it out here:

John talks about RV air conditioner Fan motor replacement and why it may not be necessary. We give hints on how to clear up “Icing” of the evaporator coil.

Today’s feature is all about Long time Escapee contributer “Phred” Tinseth and his wonderful Phreds Poop Sheets We discuss all 14 of them and how to find them in the RV Tips section of our website

We talk about the necessity of balancing trailer wheels and tires. We also spend a little time discussing rV Park WiFi and why a dedicated cellular Hot Spot can save you much frustration.