Internet Advertising

I’ll explain about internet advertising as I’ve had a number of questions about advertisements on blogs, websites, and even on Facebook. Most of these advertisements are from Google. A person or company wanting to advertise their products or services pays Google an amount of money to place their ad. If the advertiser pays $500, Google will run their ad during certain time periods determined by the advertiser until the $500 runs out. The program is called Adwords.

To deliver those advertisements, Google has a program called Adsense. That is where folks like webmasters, bloggers and the like set up an account with Google and provide space on their media for those ads. They can specify the size and placement. Every time you, the prospective customer clicks on an ad, Google records it to the account where the ad was clicked. Google then pays into that account according to a formula based on ad type, frequency, size, and many other factors. Some ads pay out a penny, while others can be more than $10. This is one way webmasters and bloggers make money from their media with internet advertising.

The ads you see depend on a very complex system where Google tracks your internet use and put ads in front of you depending on its perception of what products you might like. It is amazingly effective. You may have wondered why you see certain ads others do not see. Now you know.

Other internet advertising you may see are known as Affiliate ads. The media owner signs up for an affiliate account with one or more businesses that might fit the interests of his targeted readers. A prime example of this is You may see Amazon based ads for a particular product. When you click and buy these products, the affiliate gets a small percentage of the sale as a commission. Other Amazon based ads will have you click on a link to the site. That click is identified with the affiliate’s account number and any product you buy will get the affiliate a commission.
Sometimes media owners accept internet advertising from businesses. The business owner pays for a certain number of insertions of a particular size ad for his business that he feels will attract sales from that particular blog or website. This is a more conventional form of advertising.
I have these kinds of advertising on our website and blog, as do many other RVers with blogs and websites. It can cost quite a bit to keep a website and/or blog up and running. That small income stream from advertising can keep these sites on the internet.