Hanging with the Geeks

We did a great interview yesterday evening with Chris and Jim Guld, The Geeks on Tour. They will have been here at Hart Ranch for about a week and they did two of their seminars. They convinced us to start blogging, so here it is! Things are winding down here with the Labor Day Holiday as the last big weekend of the year. We will stay on until the end of September to attend the Custer State Park buffalo round-up on the 26th of Sept. Then it’s on to Benson, AZ via Amarillo, TX. We hope to see all our Arizona friends this Winter.

Gathering of friends

Today was a day of heat, boy did it get hot about 97% but the air conditioning was working just great. We got together with several couples who are vendors at rallies. Of course Geeks on tour, Chris and Jim Guld, (we spent last night learning how to blog) a couple who sell jewelry, inflatable boats, and Rv vacume cleaners. It was interesting learning the pros and cons of being a vender and living in a Rv. These folks work really hard. If you are thinking of becoming a vendor on the road make sure you talk with those who do this in is not easy but they are successful, and they all seem to enjoy what they do. Have a great day.

John’s first post

Well, we have finally started a blog. I will try to post several times per week, time permitting. We have a beautiful day here at Hart Ranch near Rapid City, SD and the temp may get as high as 95. We were able to open the pool after a major mechanical breakdown yesterday. Wow! Dodged a bullet this time. Chris and Jim Guld held a Google Earth class this afternoon. What a great program, but it demands a high speed Internet connection. I hope they will return next year and teach some more classes. Well, time to head out for happy hour. We have a lot of Escapees here getting ready to head for Escapade in Gillette, WY next week.
Till next time, I’m John and I’m living the RV dream!

Hello Happy Campers!!!!

Hi everyone, we are moving into the blogging world. Life here is great and we are having a great time with the Geeks on Tour. Our good friends Chris and Jim Guld.. Check them out at Geeks on Tour.com they are helping me get going so look for move the this blog every now and then.