LTRVD0408 Podcast Changes

Podcast Changes

Hello Happy Campers! This morning we’ll talk about Podcast Changes and how they will improve the Living the RV Dream Podcast. But first a little history.

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Radio Days

In the fall of 2008, our son, who was a radio producer in Sarasota Florida, called us with a proposal. He had lost a sponsored show during the important Saturday morning “drive time”. Perhaps we could come in and do an RV show for him? We knew NOTHING about radio or broadcasting. Kathy and I looked at each other and said “why not?” That next Saturday morning, Living the RV Dream was born. Steve was a great coach and made us quite comfortable. “What should we say?”, we both asked. Steve said just talk about RVing, its your passion. And so we did. That was on WSRQ, a very small station with great reach due to an internet feed.

Podcast Changes

Podcast Changes

A Podcast is Born

We did the show every week for over 4 months and then it was time for us to get moving as it would soon be pretty hot in Florida. What about the show? We had now gained a nice sized internet audience anoong with some dedicated local listeners. That’s when I discovered podcasting. It was pretty new then having only been around for a few years, but I dived right in and learned all I could. Six weeks later we were ready and we launched our first podcast. That was LTRVD0001. The sound was a little rough around the edges, but were now broadcasters!

We grow as Podcasters

As we got more and more comfortable with doing the show, we learned how to make the sound better and invested in some new equipment to help us do the work easier. We started attending RV shows as members of the “Press”. What a hoot! We would get in free to events we loved and talk about them on our show. How cool was that?! We did many interviews with other RVers and folks in the RV industry. We started a little Facebook group for our listeners. I started a web site. We were filling up our retirement time as “Media People”…LOL! Then you listeners ganged up on us by email and said we needed to write a book of all things. And we did…twice.

Podcast Changes

Its 2017 Already

All that started 8 years ago. We’ve put a lot of miles on our rig, the Dream Machine since then. We were on the road a total of 12 years and loved every minute of it. Most of you know of Kathy’s near fatal illness 2 years ago that put her in the hospital for a month after major surgery. Then 2 more months of rehab here in Sarasota. She started getting stronger and better and we decided to answer another request from our listeners and have a rally. We have done 2 Living the RV Dream “Gatherings” since then. Early this year Kathy had another medical setback and we realized we would no longer be able to live on the road. We bought a house and said goodby to our faithful rig that carried us across the country so many times. Now it will serve a new owner and their RV Dreams.

Future of the Podcast

We have known for some time that we cannot keep up the podcast without actually RVing. This has been a gut-wrenching decision. We knew that the show should go on and it definitely will. Our friend Robert Morales will be taking over Living the RV Dream starting on Friday morning the 24th of this month. Robert has attended one of our Gatherings as well as interviewed us on his own “Traveling Robert” video series. He will bring new life to the podcast as well as a new perspective as a part time RVer. He has great talent as a videographer as well so expect to see some video content to the show. Here is the link to iTunes Please migrate over to that URL and continue to enjoy the Living the RV Dream podcast. Here is a link to his website

Whats ahead for John and Kathy?

We are not going away from the RV scene just yet. We will guest host with Robert from time to time. We will maintain the Living the RV Dream website as well as the Facebook Group by the same name. Robert will take over the Living the RV Dream Podcast group. We are taking it day by day now as Kathy begins to build back her strength. I plan to get back to my new book project on RVing Arizona. We will still answer questions as well as we can from our email address at .

  1. Change is hard, especially when it means giving up something we love! Thanks for your dedication and generosity in sharing fun and informative content all these years. Focus on your Bride now; find renewed health for both of you and –Who knows!– a new adventure may present an opportunity for you. Good luck on the RV-AZ book. Wishing you the best!

  2. I have so enjoyed reading the podcasts, yep life is about changes best wishes to you both..