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After the mail, and before discussing RVing Government Lands, we discuss some “Rules” folks have adopted for their RV travels.

Our main feature this week is RVing Government Lands. We first look into driving on America’s National Scenic Byways. This program recognizes more than 150 outstanding roads that showcase the beauty of our awesome country. Check them out at

We skip the National Parks as they are so well known and move to the U.S. National Forests. The National Forest Service has over 4300 campgrounds in its 155 forests. Check them out at This extensive website has as many as 55 fields of information in each campground review written by authors who have visited the camping locations.

We discuss the Bureau of Land Management’s camping opportunities on the 264 million acres they oversee. Visit
Next up is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They have 2375 parks located near lakes created by Corps projects. Check them all out at

Besides all the RVing possibilities on Federal Lands, there ar about 7800 State parks found in all 50 states with over 221,000 campsites. Here is a great website to help you choose which one you will visit on your next RV adventure.

Then we discuss the Campgrounds available to Active duty military members and retirees in the system of Military Family Campgrounds located on or near military bases. The essential reference for these campgrounds is the website edited by Larry Farquar with information on all of these places to camp.

We also discuss the programs of the Special Military Active Recreational Travelers (SMART) RV club for active, retired, and honorably discharged military. This is a great club with a very active caravan program. Contact them and look at their programs at

Lastly we discuss filter changing for your fresh water system as well as air filter changing fir your air conditioning units.

Author: John Huggins

John is a retired Navy Electronics Technician Chief. He traded the Navy adventure for a job in manufacturing quality assurance in 1986, and traded the job for the RV adventure in early 2005. Kathy has held jobs in the medical office arena as well as raising two sons. We now have 5 grand children and one great grand child.We have done much volunteer work since hitting the road including working at the Escapees CARE center in Livingston, Texas. We also are registered Red Cross disaster volunteers, and served in a Hurricane Katrina shelter in San Antonio, Texas.Our connection to Sarasota started in 1995 when John was transferred from New Jersey to work for Electro Corporation, later to become a division of Honeywell. He retired in 2004 and we bought our motorhome and hit the road.We are life members of the Escapees RV Club, as well as members of Good Sam Club and Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA). We hold campground memberships in Thousand Trails, RPI, and Passport America. Our home park is Hart Ranch in Rapid City, SD.Lately, we have worked in campgrounds in PA, IL, SD, AZ, and FL.Nowadays, we have become podcasters, broadcasting our show, Living the RV Dream on the internet. We also have this blog we are having fun with. Check out our Books page for our books on RVing and Workamping.

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    BTW: Kathy is sounding much better. I’ll will pass along my motto; “Lean Forward and Livestrong”.

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