LTRVD0306 If Tomorrow Never Comes

Kathy is back! If tomorrow never comes is now a song near and dear to us. We recorded this from her room at the Thomas Hospital in Fairhope, AL. We discuss what happened and Kathy’s progress up to now. Then we get in to what happened to put her here. The initial pain and subsequent surgery was in large part due to her former gastric bypass surgery performed in 2008.The results of that were great, but we had no idea of the side effects that eventually put her in critical condition and resulted in surgery that will most likely permanently change both our lives.

Thank you all who responded to the “Hi 5 challenge”, Your cards and prayers got us both through this tough situation. Your cards and their messages are a continuing source of comfort to us both.

We finish up with an early radio recording from our days on live radio in Sarasota, FL in 2009. We hope you enjoy it.

Author: John Huggins

John is a retired Navy Electronics Technician Chief. He traded the Navy adventure for a job in manufacturing quality assurance in 1986, and traded the job for the RV adventure in early 2005. Kathy has held jobs in the medical office arena as well as raising two sons. We now have 5 grand children and one great grand child.We have done much volunteer work since hitting the road including working at the Escapees CARE center in Livingston, Texas. We also are registered Red Cross disaster volunteers, and served in a Hurricane Katrina shelter in San Antonio, Texas.Our connection to Sarasota started in 1995 when John was transferred from New Jersey to work for Electro Corporation, later to become a division of Honeywell. He retired in 2004 and we bought our motorhome and hit the road.We are life members of the Escapees RV Club, as well as members of Good Sam Club and Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA). We hold campground memberships in Thousand Trails, RPI, and Passport America. Our home park is Hart Ranch in Rapid City, SD.Lately, we have worked in campgrounds in PA, IL, SD, AZ, and FL.Nowadays, we have become podcasters, broadcasting our show, Living the RV Dream on the internet. We also have this blog we are having fun with. Check out our Books page for our books on RVing and Workamping.

4 thoughts on “LTRVD0306 If Tomorrow Never Comes”

  1. As I have listen to the broadcast today, I felt the presence of the Lord in this place. As if I was there in the room. A lot of memories of my late wife. She had the same type of surgery in July/12. We had been FT rv’ers since 4/11. She had gone through all test prior to the surgery and it showed everything was ok. The surgery went well, and the benefits that they talk about. She was feeling better and losing weight every week, and was looking forward to having knee surgery. She loved the beach and wanted to spend time there again walking and spending time collecting agates. The ocean was a peaceful time for the both of us. We then traveled up North to Birch bay, WA to manage a rv park for the winter in Oct. On Nov. 7th we had gone out to eat. She was feeling good and happy where we were. That evening had went to bed early as she stayed up later, always a night person. I woke up at 4am and she was not in bed. I called out to her, but no answer. I went to the living room and she was in her chair, gone, she had passed away. It was determined that she had an enlarged heart and the electrical part could not connect to the heart. I had first met her when I was 14, she was 13 in youth group of our church. We had 18 yrs. of wonderful marriage together. You never know what tomorrow brings, but you do know that Christ is with you each and everyday. I am remarried now to a wonderful lady who with God’s promise brought into my life. Another time I will share that story. We are blessed to be a part of your family and hearing the testimonies of you both of The Healing Power of God’s Grace.

    Blessings & Prayers,
    Larry & Betty Douglas

    ps. We continue our journey as FT rv’ers.

  2. It is so wonderful hearing Kathy’s voice again! You are in my prayers daily and will remain so. We will be in Florida in May. If you are there and up for a little visit by then, we will make it happen! You are a special lady and John a special man. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Lots of (((Hugs))) from us to you.

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