LTRVD0403 Selling an RV

Selling an RV

This shortened show is about selling an RV. We received an email asking us about how to sell an RV. She didn’t provide specifics, so I will try to give some tips for selling both motorized RVs and towable rigs.

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What is Your RV Worth?

We talk about some sources of information about the value of used RVs., The best we have found comes from the Facebook group RV Pricing and Values. The Group Owner, David Lester, has a standard product that is “a $30 per RV standard “RV Trade in Value Report” appraisal that shows Wholesale / Trade in Value, ACV (actual cash value) pricing done by a current Buyer at one of the largest RV dealers in the country ready to buy your RV, and suggested sell or buy price range specifically for your RV from professional RV dealer buyers and brokers.”

You should also look at and

Clean it up!

A buyer is looking for a rig in the best possible condition. Make your rig look that way! Clean it up both inside and out. A little elbow grease will go a long way.

LTRVD0357 Hundreds of Manatees


We viewed Hundreds of Manatees when we visited the Tampa Electric Company (TECO) Big Bend power station this week. They were in the warm water of the facility’s discharge canal. When the Gulf of Mexico’s water temperature dips below 68 degrees F, the warm blooded manatees need to find warmer water. TECO has constructed a wonderful manatee viewing area where we took the pictures that accompany this show note. Admission and parking are free. Get more information at

There are actually over a hundred animals in view of this picture.

We also visited the Hillsborough River State Park which is quite close to our current location in Zephyrhills, FL. This is an old park with many improvements done by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930’s. They have a really nice campground with many spaces large enough for 40 foot rigs and a few that can accommodate 45 foot rigs. It is a really kid friendly place with a huge swimming pool (check for open dates, and rentals of canoes, bicycles and 2 and 4-person tandem pedal cars. There is lots of history there as well. There are old forts used by the army during the Indian wars against the Seminole tribes. One has been restored and is open for tours several days a week. Check it out at . We did a blog post on this park. Check it out at


We also spent some time at the Lazy Days Campground while we visited with the folks at the Full-time Families 2016 Sweetheart Soiree Rally. Check them out at We were able to meet Kimberly Travaglino, founder of this wonderful group that is an awesome support group for folks full-timing with kids and homeschooling them on the road. Kathy got to tour some of their rigs to see how they have adapted them for doing the schooling and just living with 3 or 4 or more young children. We had a good time with them and we will interview Kimberly at a later date.

Help us welcome a new sponsor to our podcast in They can supply US made mattresses, sheets, and mattress covers for any odd shaped RV mattress out there. Check them out and tell them you heard about them on the Living the RV Dream podcast.

LTRVD0341 RVing Government Lands

Be A Workamper

After the mail, and before discussing RVing Government Lands, we discuss some “Rules” folks have adopted for their RV travels.

Our main feature this week is RVing Government Lands. We first look into driving on America’s National Scenic Byways. This program recognizes more than 150 outstanding roads that showcase the beauty of our awesome country. Check them out at

We skip the National Parks as they are so well known and move to the U.S. National Forests. The National Forest Service has over 4300 campgrounds in its 155 forests. Check them out at This extensive website has as many as 55 fields of information in each campground review written by authors who have visited the camping locations.

We discuss the Bureau of Land Management’s camping opportunities on the 264 million acres they oversee. Visit
Next up is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They have 2375 parks located near lakes created by Corps projects. Check them all out at

Besides all the RVing possibilities on Federal Lands, there ar about 7800 State parks found in all 50 states with over 221,000 campsites. Here is a great website to help you choose which one you will visit on your next RV adventure.

Then we discuss the Campgrounds available to Active duty military members and retirees in the system of Military Family Campgrounds located on or near military bases. The essential reference for these campgrounds is the website edited by Larry Farquar with information on all of these places to camp.

We also discuss the programs of the Special Military Active Recreational Travelers (SMART) RV club for active, retired, and honorably discharged military. This is a great club with a very active caravan program. Contact them and look at their programs at

Lastly we discuss filter changing for your fresh water system as well as air filter changing fir your air conditioning units.

Tampa RV Supershow Opening Day

We are at the 2015 Florida RV Supershow in Tampa Fl. And it has been a great show so far. We arrived here on Monday and get ourselves all set up and got the map of the show and set up our schedule. I highlighted the motorhomes, 5thwheels and trailers we wanted to see and set the days for each one. Of course, the first day we did the motorhomes because that’s what we live in and know the most about.
Tuesday is industry day and that is the day that everyone here gets their booths and displays ready. The rigs were all here already, but not all the staff and venders booths have totally been set up. So, with no public here it is easy to be able to talk with folks and view rigs. One of the first rigs we wanted to see was the new Trek 26ft gas RV from Holiday Rambler. I must be honest we were a little disappointed because it has great potential but it wasn’t quite ready for prime time. The unique feature is that the bed rises to the sealing on tracks and make room of another room underneath. The original Trek had the bed above the living room and this new design has it in the back of the rig and underneath there really is no rhyme and reason for the room there. I guess I didn’t understand what that room was to be used for. So, onward to Newmar’s new Dutchstar with handicap accessibility. The Dutchstar is a diesel engine rig and very nice. There was a handicap person in the rig at the same time and he commented that is was perfect. That was a great review. So, as long as we were there we check out all the new designed rigs and I was impressed with a new 39 foot Ventanna that had a coat closet right across from the door.

We then went to the vender buildings. I must say we found some get new products and some old reliable ones too. John wanted some BoeshieldT-9 rust and corrosion shield waterproof lubricant. RV LIFE had some fine RV care products. We talked with Grace the president of the company and they have been working hard to develop new and useful product’s to take care of your rig. They have developed a graphics wax that is designed to clean the graphics on the rig and not damage any of them.
There were so many you will have to just listen to the next several podcasts and we will tell you more.
The best part of the show is meeting with old friends and listeners. Greg Gerber of the RV Daily Report is here, Nick and Terry Russell of the Gypsy Journal, Terry Cooper the Texas RV Professor, Don Hume and his lovely wife of America’ s mailbox, Suzy Fletcher of Fleetwood, and we had a chance to meet listeners the Stahlmans. Well, I will close out for now and write more later. God Bless You and Happy Camping! Kathy

Here we are on opening day of the 2015 Tampa RV Supershow. I found probably the best class A gas coach ever in a 38 foot Canyon Star by Newmar. This rig had it all for full-time living with residential refrigerator, stacked washer/dryer, good food prep space and the list goes on.
Later on at the American Coach display we found Kathy’s dream rig in a 39 foot Revolution that had almost everything she says is necessary for full-time living. A little over our current budget though.
Last night was the Florida RV Trade Association vendor appreciation dinner. We met a lot of folks including Terry Cooper aka the Texas RV Professor and resident of the RV Inspection Connection. We will be interviewing him later in the week for inclusion in one of the RV Show podcasts. We also met up with Phil May and his wife Tracy from Techno RV. She is looking really great after undergoing all the treatment for breast cancer. They will probably be at our Gathering in October.
Lots of other stuff we will discuss later on. Four more days of RV show await us and we’re already tired. John

Tampa RV Supershow Day One

Well, we have made it to the Florida RV Supershow at the Tampa Fairgrounds in Tampa Fl. We have a press pass so we get to get in a little early while the manufacturers and vendors are setting up. It gives us a chance to talk with them about their new products and coaches. The one we really want to see is the new Trek by Holiday Rambler under the ARV group. They also make Fleetwood and Monaco. So, we will talk about it on our show this week.

I don’t know how you get ready to move, but I will tell you what we do. As we have gotten more organized we have a routine down. It now takes us 2 days to get ready to go. The First day is all about outside stuff. Taking down the screens, putting away the chairs and the grill, and looking at the tires and fluid levels and having our route planed out . John love’s to play with all the route planning programs and set up places for our stops and potential campgrounds and all the usual checks to make sure everything is in good working order. I get all the laundry, and extra cleaning done I also will make up meals if we will be on the road several days. That way there are no decisions to make about dinner and lunch. This helps to save money. I like to travel with everything up to date and ready to go for when we get to the new place, I don’t have to do anything, just get out there and explore and enjoy. Moving day, we like to get going around 8:00AM, so all the stuff gets stored, rugs put away, loose items and extra essentials put in a safe place usually on the bed. Then the slide comes in the jacks go up and we move out of the site and find a place to hook up the CRV then do the light check and we are on our way. Be sure if you have a pet to secure him or her. We also check each other’s jobs, I always look up to make sure everything is down, antennas, etc. and I look underneath to make sure nothing is under there to impede our moving. If it is raining while we are parked we sometimes put the chairs under the rig and out of the weather. So, it is always good to check.

We got here around 11:00AM got ourselves checked in and discovered that Greg Gerber of the RV Daily report was already here. Greg interviewed us on his podcast the RV Daily report at, if you haven’t listened to this one, put in on your must do list. He has been involved in the RV industry for many years from the industry side and now is learning about the consumer side of RVing. He just went full timing and is getting a real eye opener about the life style, he loves it! Listen to the podcast at I think you will really like it.
Well, that’s all for today.
God Bless and Happy Camping