LTRVD0396 Full-time RV Living

Full-time RV Living

Full-time RV Living is the main subject of this week’s show. We’ve spent time on the last several shows talking about exit plans and other serious issues and today we start on a new series all about full-time RV Living and what a rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle it can be.

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Do Your Homework

Doing your homework really means doing all the research and legwork to decide if Full-time RV Living is really for you and your spouse or partner. Living in a hallway 24/7 isn’t for everyone. This is also the time when you research all the types and brands of RVs that are available and start to narrow down the field to find your ideal RV. We certainly recommend our book “So, You Want to be an RVer?” as well as our website, as great places to start that homework and research.

Are You Out of Your Mind?

Unfortunately, this is what we sometimes hear from friends and family members after we announce our plans for Full-time RV Living. I don’t really know why some folks just have to try and deflate our plans and dreams, but it does happen frequently. Often, its just simple lack of knowledge. Perhaps a little jealousy creeps in as well. In any case, don’t be surprised when you get this kind of reaction.

It Isn’t a Full-time Vacation

What you are entering is really a special kind of lifestyle. It may seem like a full-time vacation, but you soon realize that this is going to become your new normal. If you continue to do “Express Touring” as so many new full-timers do, you will burn through money and fail to truly enjoy your new life on the road.

What About All Our Stuff

It can be quite intimidating to move from a fully furnished 3 or 4-bedroom home to a 350 square foot RV. Obviously, you can’t take it all with you. Once you have made the decision to live full-time in your RV, Yard Sales, Craig’s List, the Salvation Army, and many others will quickly take care of most of that “stuff”. Remember, its just “Stuff”, not gold. It is what’s holding you back from freedom touring our awesome country. If you have valuable antiques and family heirlooms, a storage unit may be in your future. I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t go full-timing because of too much stuff.

Moving on

Next week, we’ll continue on with this series on Full-time RVing with some discussion on Domicile State and RV Mail Service. We intend to spend several weeks exploring all aspects of Full-time RV Living.

LTRVD0395 RVing Exit Strategy

RVing Exit Strategy

RV Exit Strategy is our main topic for this show. We have talked about the exit plan before when discussing goal setting for your RV adventures. It is the part of goal setting we spend the least time on because we want to get out and enjoy our country.

Certainly, that has been the case with Kathy and me. We knew we would come off the road at some point, but our focus was in the “Now”. We thought we would be RVing full-time for at least another 5 years. How wrong we were.

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Life Happens

We were on our spring trip out of the south and headed up the Great River Road along the Mississippi river. We had been planning the trip for a whole year. Kathy’s sudden illness changed all that in an instant.

We were still living in our RV full-time, but going nowhere. We tried one trip and it was successful, but only because we had family along the way to receive her medications that are delivered weekly and must be refrigerated.

The decision to stop RVing full-time and get into a house was a very hard one, and we will not give up RVing entirely, but instead get a smaller rig and make shorter trips.

Planning for the inevitable

We discuss the practical issues around RVing Exit Strategy planning, especially the financial impact. Your planning needs to start as soon as you make the decision to become a full-time RVer. You simply must have a nest egg to fall back on. We talk about some ways to make that happen.

While this subject isn’t the most enjoyable part of our lifestyle, it can be the most important.

LTRVD0394 First Radio Show

First Radio Show

We replay our First Radio Show as we are swamped with details of our changing lifestyle from full-time RVer to home-owner and part-time RVer.

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End of a 13 Year Run

This is a tough time for us as we still love the full-time RV lifestyle, but we must change due to Kathy’s health needs and the need to maintain a steady supply chain for her meds. We have been out here for 13 years and we had planned on many more. We will be selling our 2004v Fleetwood Expedition diesel motorhome. It has served us very well during over 60,000 miles traveling our beautiful country. We will put it in the shop for some needed repairs and then we will put it up for sale.

First Radio Show

The Radio Show

In this first of 18 weekly 1 hour radio broadcasts, we discuss how we got started RVing back in 2005. We hope you enjoy it, warts and all.

Moving Forward

We will continue to do the podcast on a weekly basis with all the same features we have had in the past. We will also keep up our website, We will especially continue to administer our Facebook groups and interact with all our RV friends. I will also try to get the monthly newsletter back on track. So really, the only change will be our not traveling full-time. We will be looking for a smaller rig such as a class C in the near future so we can still travel as much as Kathy’s supply chain will allow.

LTRVD0393 Is Full-time RVing Right for You

Is Full-time RVing Right for You

We answer the question; Is Full-time RVing Right for You The discussion starts by discussing living in a hallway 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many couples cannot do this without some alone time and solitude.

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We lay out the pitfalls that await folks who are either under insured and who have no health care insurance. That can be a real disaster if you have a serious illness out away from your usual support system and no insurance to pay the bills. Can you both do the physical things you must do while RVing? Are your required meds available when you need them?

Full-time RVing Mindset

You both, or all if there are more than 2 of you, must have a mindset that puts you all on the same page as far as communication, willingness to commit, and having a well thought out plan for full-timing and a plan for exiting the lifestyle


Will you be selling everything to buy a rig and still have enough to enjoy the lifestyle? Do you have a fallback plan if full-time RVing doesn’t work out? We discuss adequate down payment on RVs as well as having a well thought out budget to ensure you can afford this new adventure.


Have you set goals for travel, both short term (one year) and long term (5 years and up)?


Have you found a workable floorplan that has enough space to have some Private time, as well as room for some hobbies, and room to cook if that is important?

Rig Capability

We lay out what is needed in the way of rig capability when climbing mountain passes; and is it small enough to park in State Parks


Have you planned the type of itinerary you will use in your travels? We discuss traveling less and stopping more often as well as the “go go go” style also called “Express Touring”.