LTRVD0371 Coach House RV

We discuss our visit to the Coach House RV plant in this week’s podcast. It is located here in Florida’s west coast in Nokomis just off of I-75.


After the mail, we lead off with an explanation of the just released information on the Norcold Class Action Settlement of the latest Class Action Lawsuit against Norcold for problems with its’s gas absorption refrigerators. The total settlement will be $36 million dollars with the first 25% or $9 million going to the lawyers. Much of the rest will go to administrative expenses and advertisement of the settlement. In the end, owners of the subject units might get anywhere from $166 (most likely) to $3319.92. More information can be found at . Deadline for submitting claims is 11:59 PM Aug. 26th, 2016.


We had a very nice time visiting the factory at Coach House RV. These class B and B+ rigs are easily the very best in their class. The fiberglass shells are built as single piece units in huge molds. All are built using hand laid fiberglass matts and carbon fiber reinforcement where needed. This gives a truly leak proof body. These rigs are also true 4 season units with R-18 insulation on all sides as well as in the floor. Here are some pictures we took at the factory.

Photo May 23, 10 44 02 AM

Photo May 23, 10 56 47 AM

The picture below shows the water lines all laid out on the inside of the rig where they will be safe from freezing. True 4 season rig feature.

Photo May 23, 10 50 55 AM

All the high-end appliances are individually tested before they are installed in a coach, something I have never seen at any other manufacturer. Some work force members have been with the company for over 20 years and the quality they put into these rigs shows up constantly. They have their own cabinet shop and upholstery shop. They also have a dedicated paint booth and fiberglass work-up area.

Coach House RV

Customer loyalty is almost fanatical, and many have their rigs after 20 years or more. The folks at Coach House RV certainly know their product and their market and they are at the very top in customer loyalty and product build quality. I know this sounds like a commercial, but we are not compensated by them, but we are simply impressed with the product.

John finishes up the tutorial on electric bicycles or eBikes with a discussion on what makes them cost so much more than conventional bikes. It’s the motor, and more so the battery that makes the difference as I explain.

LTRVD0370 RV Park Necessities

Our list of RV Park Necessities is different for several types of parks. We go into detail about overnight stops, 2 or 3 day stops, and resort type destination type campgrounds.


For overnight stay type pf campground, we are primarily concerned with the ease of getting there from our route of travel, and the ease of access to the park and the sites. We rarely use any park amenities on these types of stops.

RV Park Necessities for a 2 or 3-night stay add some local sights to see as well as possibly a laundry room and pool. Usually we are there to see a nearby attraction.


When it comes to RV destination resorts, our list of RV Park Necessities grows accordingly. Now we want to see many amenities like tennis and pickelball courts, large swimming pool and accompanying spa, fenced dog park, dog washing areas, rig washing areas, restaurant and/or bar, and other resort like things. We would like to know if our site has access to satellite TV. We would like to be escorted to our site. We go on some more in the podcast.

I didn’t include WiFi, free or otherwise as I have my own opinion on it. “Free” WiFi is never free. The costs are just passed on to the camper, and that is as it should be. The expectation that a campground should provide service as good or better that what you pay for at home is just unrealistic.

There are many RV Park Necessities that we believe should be a given for any type of park. That includes knowledgeable and welcoming staff; maintenance of park utilities and grounds is up to date and on-going; the park website is accurate and timely and pictures reflect actual conditions; staff knowledge of individual site conditions like access to satellite TV as well as length and width; and so many other things that make even a short stay enjoyable and cost the campground little.

LTRVD0369 Live Stream RV Course

We are helping to announce the new Live Stream RV Course put on by Terry Cooper aka the Texas RV Professor and Steve Anderson, president at Workamper News. We’re quite excited as this gives folks who can’t attend the 5-day course in person can be there with U Tube live streaming. It is also more economical than attending the Live course. For a video explaining the details of the Live Stream RV Course, go to



After the mail, we continue our discussion of electric bicycles or eBikes. We talk about what differentiates them from conventional bikes, especially the motors and batteries.

We talk about why tire temperatures derived from the sensors of a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) do not give an accurate measurement of the Contained Air Temperature (CAT) but only the much cooler temperature at the end of a metal valve stem and valve extension.

We discuss at some length how the podcast is supported by Amazon book sales, Amazon affiliate sales, Google ads, our other affiliates Passport America, Workamper News, Escapees RV Club, TechnoRV among others. Donations are also a source of income to support the show. We will need to purchase some new equipment in the near future both to replace aging equipment and new items to enhance our ability to do interviews.

LTRVD0368 Writing for Money

We talk writing for money from your RV in an interview with Nick Russell. Nick is a prolific writer publishing 4 to 5 books a year. He started with RV books and has now moved on to mysteries. All this in addition to a very popular daily blog at In this show, we discuss how you can make money writing from the comfort of your RV. We cover all types of writing including pamphlets, newsletters, blogs, up to writing novels.



We spend a good bit of time on blogging and whether to use a free service like Google Blogger, or to develop your own web page. We discuss many of the ways to monetize a blog such as Google ads, sponsored ads, affiliate programs, and others.

One of the main points made early on is that if you want to make money writing, you must treat your writing like a job and devote the time required to become successful. I was told by Nick that if you have a real passion for something, like our passion for RVing, then you probably have at least one book in you.

We cover book publishing, mainly by Amazon in their eBook (Kindle Direct Publishing), and print program (Create Space), as well as vanity publishers. We even spend a little time discussing traditional publishers. We also cover jobs that support writers such as eBook and print formatting services, manuscript editing and proof reading, and cover design. Authors are in constant need of these services.