LTRVD0367 Extended RV Warranties

Our subject this week is Extended RV Warranties. We are quite fortunate to have with us Chris Yust, RV insurance specialist and agent. Chris was our guest once before for one of our most downloaded podcasts all about RV Insurance. Her company is C and C RV Insurance and the website is .



This show is a complement to the earlier one. This time the primary subject is the RV Extended Warranty, or Extended Service Plan. This topic has become somewhat controversial with some folks questioning the cost of the premium as opposed to what they can set aside themselves for repairs. We’ll look at both sides.

We start with the difference between an extended warranty and an insurance policy. One point brought up early on is to check out any company offering an extended warranty with AMBEST, an independent insurance rating agency. Look them up at . Then we move forward to purchasing a dealer extended warranty, or not.

We discuss the difference between an inclusionary policy and an exclusionary policy and why the exclusionary one is best.

We get into claims and how they are processed with extended RV warranties. This includes the interaction between us, the customer, and the insurance company and the repair shop. This can be quite an involved process and the customer needs to understand it completely.

Next up is deductibles, that amount of your hard earned money you must pay when the work is done. Then we cover renewals, transfers, and cancellations.

Throughout this interview we stress that you must Read the Fine Print! Read your policy or contract.

LTRVD0366 Guns and RV’s

Guns and RV’s are the only subject of this week’s show. We interviewed Nick Russell, editor of the very well-known Gypsy Journal electronic newspaper about the RV lifestyle and the daily blog by the same name.



I know Nick as a newspaper guy but also as a very knowledgeable Gun Guy. Brought up in a law enforcement household, experience in the US Army infantry, and later on in several agencies of Arizona Law Enforcement, Nick is my go-to source for firearm related information, especially as it applies to living in RV’s with guns.

We covered a lot of ground in a short time, and I really wanted to emphasize the hard decision making process that needs to happen before an RVer decides to purchase a firearm. We discussed Concealed Carry Permits and the differences in some State’s laws concerning this. This went into trying to be current on the gun laws of the states we as RVers will both stop in and travel through.
Here are some good resources:
• Legal Heat is an Android App featuring comprehensive concealed and open carry law summaries of the 50 States written by attorneys. The Internet’s Premier database for Concealed Carry Handgun and Firearms Law.
• The 2016 Traveler’s Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States. A book by J. Scott Kappas available on for $10.73

We talk at some length about what is the best firearm to have in an RV. There are some well publicized myths about this that were also addressed. We talked about shotguns and the proper loads to use in the close confines of an RV park as well as pistols and types of pistol ammunition best for use inside an RV.

This short audio is by no means a comprehensive guide for Guns and RV’s, but an introduction to a very serious subject.

LTRVD0365 e Bikes

e Bikes are the main feature of this week’s podcast. We have taken on Evelo electric bikes as a podcast sponsor and we are excited to explore this technology that will certainly interest RVers.



We have been privileged to have Nick and Terry Russell of the Gypsy Journal, Charles and Chris Yust of C and C RV Insurance, and Jim and Chris Guld, aka Geeks on Tour here at Horseshoe Cove for a while. We’ve enjoyed some great experiences with these folks all across the country and it has been a treat to have them here all in the same place.

We fielded some interesting mail this week and covered many interesting topics.

As stated earlier, this week’s feature is an introduction to e Bikes and how they might be a benefit to RVers. We are quite excited to learn all about this new and emerging technology and we start out with some basics on what an e Bike is and how it is so similar to a standard bike. E Bikes seem to offer a really good benefit to all levels of bike users, especially to those of us who are perhaps “bike challenged” by being so easy to ride with confidence.

We conclude with information on this year’s Gathering Rally here at Horseshoe Cove on October 11th to the 16th. We discuss some of our presenters and other features of this year’s rally. Check out this week’s show!!

LTRVD0364 Nebraska Travel Stops

We discuss Nebraska Travel Stops in today’s podcast. In the mail segment, one of our Australian listeners sent a great email started by “G’day Kathy and John”. They also sent a picture of a tea towel with a really nice bit of verse called the “Caravanner’s Creed”. A picture of that towel is below. I hope you can read the words.



Caravanners Creed

We did the Nebraska Travel Stops segment because someone on our Facebook group said he didn’t see how he would ever spend a night in Nebraska because there was nothing there. Well, we know better. We spend the bulk of the show on things to see and do in Nebraska. Check out the Nebraska Travel Guide here

One of our favorite Nebraska Travel Stops is the Harold Warp Pioneer Village Museum. It is complete with world class museum, hotel, restaurant, and a 125 space RV Campground. Here is their website . There is so much to see in their 28 buildings that the ticket is good for 2 days, and you will need that time to see everything. Much more time if you stop to read all the signs and information posted. I’ve included just a few pictures of the wonderful place.




LTRVD0363 Good RV Information

We give out a lot of good RV information in this last show of March.


In the mail, we got some great places to visit along the Great River Road along the Mississippi River. There is a 100-mile Garage Sale in the towns along Lake Peppin in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Check it out at You’ll want to visit the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. Their website is The Potosi Brewery in Potosi, Wisconsin is along the river across from DuBuque, IA. Its more than a brewery. It also houses a quaint pub and museum. Website is
In Alma, Fountain City, Trempealeau, Genoa, and just south of Lynxville, visitors are able to see ships passing through the locks. Each has an observation deck. Check out

Then we do some humorous bits on “You might be an RVer if…” and some tongue in cheek definitions of some unique RV words.

We discuss How to read Road Grade signs and a little on how to drive up and down grades. We so the simple math to describe what a certain degree of grade really means.

Here is some very Good RV Information. John lists some very useful websites and apps for RVers to use in their summer travels. Included is Trip Advisor, the granddaddy of all travel websites. Type in any town or city in America and you’ll find links to restaurants, lodging, attractions, and more. . The Historical Marker Database is a listing of every one of these interesting and informative signs in the whole country. Check out . Bridge Hunter is a database of historic or notable bridges in the United States both past and present. It is at . History Here, from the folks at the History Channel, is an interactive travel guide to thousands of historic locations across the US. It has photos, videos, and maps. Check it out at . Of course the Milepost is the must-have travel guide to Alaska. Their website is . If you are going to the West coast, U.S. 101 Mile by Mile is well worth a look at . Legends of America is a site to find stuff from Route 66 to ghost towns, legends, myths, historic forts, and more. It is at . Here is a directory of travel websites on . If you are a Civil War Buff this Civil War Trust site has everything you will need at . Landmark Hunter is a database of historic and notable landmarks in the US both past and present .

Kathy talks about a lot of fun facts about how common household items can be repurposed for other uses.