LTRVD0348 2009 Christmas Show

Be A Workamper

We repeat our 2009 Christmas Show while we are on our Christmas hiatus. Kathy and I wish to extend our best Christmas wishes to you, our listeners in this joyous season celebrating the birth of our lord Jesus. We’ll be back next week with new material.

LTRVD0347 RV Shows and Trip Planning

Be A Workamper

We cover upcoming RV shows and Trip Planning on this podcast. We want to wish all our listeners a very merry Christmas as we approach Christmas week. This is an exciting time for us as we will be relocating to the Majestic Oaks RV Resort in Zephyr Hills about 75 miles north of our current park in Bradenton, FL. We’ll be there for 3 months and then back here to begin planning for our Gathering RV Rally to be held in October, 2016.

In the mail for this week, we discover an article on emergency GPS locater beacons at

Kathy talks about a long list of upcoming RV shows across the country and in Canada in the month of January. These include the awesome Tampa Supershow! We will be there for the entire show. We will greet our listeners and Facebook fans on Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of January from 11:00 AM ‘til 1:00 PM at the Pavilion near the park model trailers. We hope to see you there!

John discusses planning now for your RV journeys to come this spring. He talks about trip planning software and trip planning Apps as well as books that help in the planning and driving process.
Once again, Have a wonderful merry Christmas and be safe out there!

LTRVD0346 RVer Christmas Gifts

Be A Workamper

We start to discuss RVer Christmas Gifts. There are only 14 shopping days until Christmas!

We talk about a wide range of RVer Christmas Gifts from cookware to small appliances. We discuss electronic items RVers want and need as well as chairs for your campsite.

This is quite a large list and we suggest places to bet most of the things we mention including,, and .

John gives an RV maintenance tip on maintaining your hydraulic jacks.

LTRVD0345 RV Roof Repair

Be A Workamper

After the mail, we discuss RV Roof Repair with Lee Thaxton, president of RV Armor.


We conducted a 30 minute interview with Lee Thaxton, president of RV Armor. . We discussed what makes RV roofs fail and the benefits of a new roof from RV Armor. This is a fairly new 3 year old company that provides a lifetime unconditional warranty on the RV roofs they refurbish. We will be having our 12 year old roof redone by them in January. We’ll report on it in future episodes.

Kathy and I visit the Shell Factory in North Ft. Meyers, FL. We had a nice time looking at the many items displayed in their facility. There is much to do there for families with kids.