LTRVD0344 Happy Black Friday

Be A Workamper

Happy Black Friday everyone! We hope all our listeners had a great Thanksgiving day and now for the madness of the Black Friday shopping frenzy.

We are asking our listeners to email us at and tell us about their favorite RV related gifts they have either given or received. We’ll do next week’s show about whatever you submit as well as some of our favorites.

We discuss our plans for some touring in the next several months as well as some planned interviews coming up in the near future. Have a great Holiday weekend!!

LTRVD0343 Heating Your RV

Be A Workamper

The main theme of this show is heating your RV. We discuss RV furnaces and some great alternatives to keep you warm and toasty without breaking the bank for propane.

After answering so really good mail questions, we move on to some great Christmas gifts for your favorite RVer from Eric and Tami Johnson of TechnoRV. I wish someone would give us some of these.

Eric finishes up with a list of common maintenance items for any RV.

After a word about the upcoming RV Training Triad webinar presented by Mobile RV Academy and Workamper News, Inc. You can register for a seat at this Tuesday evening November 24th webinar, go to

Next, John starts by discussing how an RV furnace goes through the sequence to get it to light and maintain heat and what makes it stop working properly. Then we get into vent-free propane heaters for heating your RV and the different types and their features and costs. We think this is the way to go to stay warm in your RV during these cold winter months.

LTRVD0342 RVer Health Insurance Enrollment

Be A Workamper

After the mail, and before we discuss the RVer Health Insurance Enrollment, we talk about going back to the Tampa RV Supershow this coming January 15th and 16th, and greeting our listeners again on Friday and Saturday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Come see us if you are in the Tampa, FL area.

We discuss the wonderful video produced by Robert Morales of our Gathering Rally. He did a really professional job of capturing the flavor of both the resort and the events of the Gathering. Check it out at

I spent some quality time investigating a very thorough and well thought out app called The Ultimate Public Campground Project. This fits in very well with last week’s discussion about camping on public lands and where to go. There are almost 25,000 sites in the lower 28 states, 3,500 in Canada, and another 400 just listed in Alaska. This covers BLM, COE, USFS, TVA, National Parks, U.S. BOR, U.S. Forest Service, military, state, county, municipal, utility, Indian Reservations, non-profits, and other miscellaneous public camping spots. This is a really great App for $3.99 Check out the website at

We discuss the top 10 things you need to know when traveling in Canada. It is mostly common sense, but it puts a lot of good information together to help in trip planning.

The main feature is all about RVer Health Insurance Enrollment as it relates to current open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). The folks at the RVer Insurance Exchange have produced a very extensive RVer Guide to ACA Open Enrollment. This is very key information to those of you under 62 years of age traveling around the country. Our feeling is that lack of adequate health insurance can be a game changer for the full-timing RVer. Here is a link to the guide.

LTRVD0341 RVing Government Lands

Be A Workamper

After the mail, and before discussing RVing Government Lands, we discuss some “Rules” folks have adopted for their RV travels.

Our main feature this week is RVing Government Lands. We first look into driving on America’s National Scenic Byways. This program recognizes more than 150 outstanding roads that showcase the beauty of our awesome country. Check them out at

We skip the National Parks as they are so well known and move to the U.S. National Forests. The National Forest Service has over 4300 campgrounds in its 155 forests. Check them out at This extensive website has as many as 55 fields of information in each campground review written by authors who have visited the camping locations.

We discuss the Bureau of Land Management’s camping opportunities on the 264 million acres they oversee. Visit
Next up is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They have 2375 parks located near lakes created by Corps projects. Check them all out at

Besides all the RVing possibilities on Federal Lands, there ar about 7800 State parks found in all 50 states with over 221,000 campsites. Here is a great website to help you choose which one you will visit on your next RV adventure.

Then we discuss the Campgrounds available to Active duty military members and retirees in the system of Military Family Campgrounds located on or near military bases. The essential reference for these campgrounds is the website edited by Larry Farquar with information on all of these places to camp.

We also discuss the programs of the Special Military Active Recreational Travelers (SMART) RV club for active, retired, and honorably discharged military. This is a great club with a very active caravan program. Contact them and look at their programs at

Lastly we discuss filter changing for your fresh water system as well as air filter changing fir your air conditioning units.