LTRVD0340 LTRVD Gathering Follow-up

Be A Workamper

This podcast is the LTRVD Gathering Follow-up show. It’s all about what went on and how we set it up and what about next year.

We opened with a prayer and then introduced our seminar presenters. Keynote speaker was Greg Gerber of the RV Daily Report and Let’s RV Then we introduced Chris and Jim Guld aka Geeks on Tour Erik and Tami Johnson are the new owners of Techno-RV, a well established RV Tech company Next up was Al Hesselbart, former historian at the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum
Kathy and I also did 3 seminars.

Al lecture

Thursday evening we recorded our weekly show and Robert Morales videoed it and uploaded it to youtube. It took 24 hours on park Wifi. Here is a link

Saturday night we took a group picture and here it is,

group photo

This LTRVD Gathering Follow-up wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the future. We will be doing another rally. It will be the LTRVD Gathering 2016 and it will be here at Horseshoe Cove RV Resort in Bradenton, FL in October of 2016. Stay tuned for much more and many details about this awesome event.

LTRVD0339 Live from the Gathering

Be A Workamper

We recorded this show Live from the Gathering with a live audience at the Living the RV Dream Gathering.

We spent the entire show taking questions from the audience about ll manner of subjects from our favorite RV location to health care and our future as on the road full-time RVers. This was a fun departure from our usual routine of just Kathy and I doing the show from our rig.

LTRVD0338 RV Daily Report

Be A Workamper

We interview Greg Gerber, editor of the RV Daily Report, http://www.rvdailyreportcom , an industry newsletter all about the RV industry. He is also the editor of Let’s RV, ,a daily newsletter for the RV consumer like you and me. Both are full of news about that particular segment of the RV industry. Greg also hosts a podcast called RV Industry News where he interviews principals of RV centric companies.

We cover a lot of material about both the good and the less than good going on in the world of the RV industry. We discuss working from the road and some positions folks can fill while traveling in an RV.

We discuss the rapidly emerging RV inspection industry and the part in it played by our friends at the National RV Inspection Association (NRVIA)

LTRVD0337 Ultimate RV Shower

Be A Workamper

LTRVD0337 Ultimate RV Shower. This is a different kind of show as John is sick with a cold and the show is late. After the mail, Kathy talks about some ideas for souvenirs that full-time RVers can collect in a small space.

Then John describes the extensive facelift to the Allied Recreation Group’s service center in Decatur, IN. They will have a completely updated customer experience with a 49 space campground and much updated customer lounge complete with complimentary laundry.

Next, Kathy describes some strange but true travel experiences including monkeys running free in Florida and the burros of Oatman, AZ among others.

In the feature segment, John describes the methods and components needed to get the ultimate RV shower.

John talks about the USA Roadbag bicycle cover for use on hitch receiver mounted bike racks. Check them out at

LTRVD0336 Hanging Up the Keys

Be A Workamper

We start out with a warning to all who are anywhere close to the path of hurricane Joaquin to move away from coastal locations and head west as soon as possible. RV’s aren’t made to withstand that kind of wind and rain with the possibility of tornadoes.

We talk at length about workamping and the importance of good prior planning to ensure you will be able to live fulltime with workamping as the sole source of income.

In our feature, Kathy talks about Hanging Up the Keys and discusses reasons to leave the RV lifestyle and the thought process that should happen before you sell your rig and hang up the keys for good.

John mentions a new website called They have replacement mattresses for every size and kind of RV, Truck, and whatever else you may have. Check them out.