LTRVD0335 Storing Your RV

Be A Workamper

We open this Storing Your RV show after the mail with some advice on changing out your original fresh water pump with an AquaJet RV from Aquatec. Ours has served us well for over 7 years. Get it at the RV Water Filter Store


In our feature, we start with winterizing your RV’s fresh water system. This is a prelude to Storing Your RV during the off season. We discuss covers, cleaning, pest control, and what to do with your batteries. We also discuss the additional items you must do with a motorized RV.

Then Kathy and John talk about the 2015 RV Oops Awards, an annual feature on Motorhome Magazine.

John talks about the pro’s and con’s of Floor heating registers vs. Wall mounted registers.

RV Battery Watering System

Be A Workamper

Last week I changed out our motorhome’s house battery bank. This week I went back and installed an RV Battery Watering System. The old watering system was 6 years past the 3 year warranty, so it was time for a replacement.

I bought 2 Pro-Fill 2 battery systems from Amazon for around $62 each. My battery bank is pretty easy to access, but all the heavy gauge wiring on top of the batteries made4 it very hard to remove the fill caps. It was also hard to see down into the rear cells to check electrolyte level.

It was a pretty easy process going from battery to battery loosening the cables, or removing them as necessary to install the watering manifold. Once it was all finished and buttoned up, I used the pump I already had to fill all the cells. Then I used battery terminal spray to coat each terminal to prevent corrosion. The first picture is of the battery bank without the watering system.
The next is setting up each battery manifold,
Next the manifolds are placed and connected together
This RV Battery Watering System has made my monthly battery maintenance quite easy and I know each cell gets the distilled water it needs because the caps shut off the flow when the cell is at the optimum level. It’s not in the pictures, but I put all the battery hold down clips back on and tightened them.

LTRVD0334 Full-Time RVing Questions

Be A Workamper

During the mail, we discuss the various towing services and our good experiences with Coach-Net

Next up in our feature on Full-Time RVing Questions, we discuss some questions asked of Lisa Kremer of the We Camp Here blog at We read and discuss her answers and talk about our own impressions of the questions. It’s an interesting contrast of their experience after 2 years and ours after 10. Enjoy the contrast.

LTRVD0333 RV Disaster Preparedness

Be A Workamper

This week’s theme is RV Disaster Preparedness as it is National Disaster Preparedness month.

One of our emails starts us off on the contents of the RVer’s “Go Bag” to take to a shelter when you have to leave your RV.

Then we get into RV Safety as it pertains to Weather Safety. We discuss weather radios and how to program them with SAME, or Specific Area Message Encoding data. These are 6 digit numbers available at the NOAA website


Next up for RV Disaster Preparedness is Fire Safety, and we use lot of material from our friend Mac the Fire Guy

We repeat this information annually with updated information. It could save your life and your family as well.

LTRVD0332 Workamping to Live

Be A Workamper

To start out this week’s show titled Workamping to Live, we have some great email information and questions this week. We discuss security issues, weighing your rig, RV reality TV shows, and working around batteries which outgas hydrogen.

Our feature this week is about Workamping to Live. We discuss our opinions about this growing trend with folks moving into RV’s to save money. We talk about some ways besides campground work to make real money.

That leads into a discussion about the upcoming Workamper Rendezvous in Heber Springs, AR. This is a great place to learn all about workamping and working on the road. Check it out at We also discuss a career in fixing RVs and inspecting RVs. A good place to start is the RV Maintenance Technician course. Check it out at

We discuss an op/ed piece written by our friend Greg Gerber of RV Daily Report about the problem of RV parts distributers being consolidated and causing parts prices to rise as well as parts lead times lengthen.

We finish with a discussion from Russ and Tina DeMaris about 5th wheel trailer kingpin stabilizers.