LTRVD0331 All About RV Clubs

Be A Workamper

This show is all about RV Clubs. We start out with a very informative interview with Travis and Melanie Carr from the Escapees RV Club. They represent the younger generation of RVers and we discuss Xscapers, the newest Escapees’ group targeting younger families who are new to RVing. Check out Xscapers at .

We also want to urge all our listeners to participate in the RVer census being generated by the Escapees/Xscapers. There are no questions that are personal to any one individual. The results will be made public and give us a good idea of current demographics of those in the RV lifestyle. Check it out and participate at

Another RV club devoted to younger families, especially with kids, is the Fulltime Families club They have much to offer families RVing with children.

Continuing the all about RV Clubs theme, we discuss the Good Sam Club and its many chapters along with their rallies called Samborees. find them at

Next we talk about the Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA), a club for owners of motorized RVs. They are the second largest RV club behind Good Sam and they also have many (2000) chapters as well as many rallies. Find them at

We spend some time describing the Special Military Active and Retired Travel Club, made up of active, retired, and honorably discharged veterans of all branches of the military.
The National African American RV Association, promotes the goals and ethnicity of African American RVers.

RVing Women is a national network whose members are from the US and Canada. They have 16 chapters across the country.

We spend some time discussing the many brand specific and state specific RV clubs folks can join. Find a large list of them at

LTRVD0330 RV Show Strategies

Be A Workamper

After the mail, we discuss RV Show Strategies and how to survive them and have a great time doing it. We cover strategies for before, during, and after the show.

We discuss the upcoming Workamper Rendezvous in Heber Springs, AR and briefly talk about the presenters, some of whom we know.

Next we go into how to prepare your rig for sale or trade. We cover most of the RV systems and some help about what to expect in the way of a trade offer from a dealer. I’m afraid it’s eye-opening.

LTRVD0329 RV Facebook Topics

Be A Workamper

After the mail, John discusses an upcoming Webinar to help you learn what different opportunities are available to certified RV inspectors. You can register for the free webinar at

In this week’s Facebook RV Topics feature, we take on a lot of issues brought up on our Living the RV Dream Facebook group. We start with the 10 year rule and how it really affects RVers.

Next we talk about age restricted or 55+ RV parks and why they are so popular as well as some of the downsides.

We discuss the pro’s and con’s of shopping and staying at Camping World. Although many posts are negative and worse, there are certainly upsides to Camping World as well.

Among the more contentious RV Facebook topics is the discussion of overnight stops at Walmart. We talk about the RV Industry sanctioned policy on overnight stops at commercial businesses, and progress into Stealth Camping. Enjoy the show!

LTRVD0328 RV Essential Equipment

Be A Workamper

In this RV Essential Equipment issue, we discuss our life here in FL since Kathy’s illness and her remarkable recovery. She is doing so well we are thinking about doing some traveling after the first of the year.

We talk about a Facebook post about the very popular stick-on “Smart Tiles” and the fact that they carry a warning about being flammable and not to place them closer than 15 inches from a gas range. A solution may be Mineral Tiles. Check them out at

Then we get into this week’s feature on RV Essential Equipment that you need to have in your RV. Kathy talks about stuff to cook with, stuff to read, stuff for an office, stuff to wear, and stuff to socialize with. John goes into detail about stuff you need for your sewer bay like hoses and fittings, fresh water system like hoses and adaptors, electrical stuff, maps, and many other essential items to make RVing both fun and safe.