LTRVD0306 If Tomorrow Never Comes

Kathy is back! If tomorrow never comes is now a song near and dear to us. We recorded this from her room at the Thomas Hospital in Fairhope, AL. We discuss what happened and Kathy’s progress up to now. Then we get in to what happened to put her here. The initial pain and subsequent surgery was in large part due to her former gastric bypass surgery performed in 2008.The results of that were great, but we had no idea of the side effects that eventually put her in critical condition and resulted in surgery that will most likely permanently change both our lives.

Thank you all who responded to the “Hi 5 challenge”, Your cards and prayers got us both through this tough situation. Your cards and their messages are a continuing source of comfort to us both.

We finish up with an early radio recording from our days on live radio in Sarasota, FL in 2009. We hope you enjoy it.

LTRVD0305 Kathy is Very Sick

As many of you know, Kathy is in the hospital in critical condition, but is improving every day. We covet your prayers at this turning point in our lives.

I open the show with a recap of what happened and where we are now. Next is a rerun of one of our live radio shows from December, 2008. I hope you enjoy it.

LTRVD0304 RV Inspection

Be A Workamper
We are excited to welcome our new podcast sponsor, Workamper News! We have known then quite a while and are proud to have them aboard. We have finally moved out of Florida on our way to spend the rest of the winter in Texas, Yay! Our Gathering has many paid registrations and is moving forward towards the October event in Bradenton, FL.


We discuss at length our participation in the RV Tech Course at Eustis, FL.  We spent an intense 5 days learning all about starting your own small business in the morning and all about the systems in an RV the rest of the mornings and all afternoons. We covered Electrical, propane, water, and RV exterior systems as well as RV appliances. We also did many hands-on exercises on students’ RV’s.

We spend a lot of time on the why and how of RV inspections and the benefit he inspection brings to both buyer and seller.
We discuss the role of the National RV Inspection Association(NRVIA) plays in setting ethics and standards for this fast growing industry. We talk about the RV Inspection Connection (RVIC) as a company that hires inspector contractors to do RV inspections.



Kathy introduces a workamping option for selling jewelry through Premier Designs
We have two full-timer tips of the week. One is about why it might not be a good idea to tie your awning down, and the other is on the value of electrical surge protectors to protect your rig.

RV Maintenance Technician

Last week was a whirlwind blur of our last week in Florida. We had been invited to attend an RV Maintenance Technician class given by Terry Cooper (aka the Texas RV professor) This was as intense a 5 days as we have ever been to.

The first 2 and 1/2 hours were devoted to starting your own small business taught by Steve Anderson, president of Workamper News and a friend for 8 years. He covered so many aspects of starting a small business that we were almost overwhelmed as well as now aware we needed to overhaul our own business. He covered choosing a business entity such as an LLC or S Corporation and many of the details of those. A whole session was dedicated to risk assessment. That was just the early mornings too! Kathy sat in on all the small business training as the wives/partners were invited to do and it was well worth it for her as well.


Then it was on to the Maintenance Technician training. I thought it would only be review for me but oh no! I learned so many new things about our rig and its systems I never knew before. We started with electrical systems and troubleshooting both the 120 volt AC and 12 volt DC systems. On Tuesday it was on to propane systems and testing. Water systems on Wednesday and RV appliances on Thursday. Friday we took on exterior systems and took an exam on what we had learned during the week.


The point of the session was to help the individual RV owner get confidence to repair many problems on their own rig. We learned enough to be a help at campgrounds to help other folks through some of their problems. The course completion also gained us the technical portion of the certified RV Inspector designation. There is much more to do to become an inspector, but this was a big part of it. No, I’m not going to become an RV inspector, but it looks to be a good opportunity for those of you looking for outside income in your RV travels. If this interests you, go to for all the details. Please mention you heard about it from John and Kathy from Living the RV Dream. Apparently, the course is being taught all over the country in 2016.


If you might be interested in becoming a Certified RV inspector, click on the logo graphic for much more information.


LTRVD0303 Tampa RV Show Vendors

We have moved up to Wildwood, FL and are getting ready to move to Texas for the rest of the winter. We finish up our report on this year’s Tampa RV Supershow Vendors we visited and were impressed with.

Many of these are campgrounds and campground groups. We stopped by many, many booths and discussed the amenities and special programs these campgrounds and resorts had to offer including special rates for the winter.
We spent a lot of time looking at 5th wheel Trailers this show and we were most impressed with the Excel line from Peterson Industries of Smith Center, KS. These are extremely well built rigs and both Kathy and I decided that if we ever want a 5er, this will be the one.

We have been attending the RV Maintenance Technician Course put on by Terry Cooper aka the Texas RV Professor for the last week and we are impressed and we’ll do a full report next week.