LTRVD0280 RV Weights and Measures

After reading the mail, we discuss RV Weights and measures from the web page of the same name on our Website.   We discuss the role of the Recreational Vehicle Safety and Education (RVSEF) and their role in educating RVers and weighing RV’s at rally’s and RV shows.   We also talk about the Escapees RV Club Smart Weigh program.   We discuss some of the more important weight terms all RVers should know.


Then we read some more RVer boo boos that RVers discuss on our Facebook Group. Some of them are just too funny. Then John gives a tip on how to figure out how fast your black tank will fill up when flushing it.

LTRVD0279 Common RVer Mistakes

After some really good mail responses, we feature some Common RVer  Mistakes and boo-boos almost all RVers make, even after years of RVing. All these came from a post on the Living the RV Dream Facebook group. Many concern Awning mishaps, 5th wheel hitch and unhitch problems, numerous black tank adventures, and many other amusing but also educational mistakes. We certainly appreciate our Facebook correspondents for this enlightening and amusing learning experience. Kathy finishes with a full-timer tip about cleaning out your clothes dryer vent.

Essential RV Accessories

We just put up a new web page all about the essential RV accessories every RV owner should have. Some come standard, most don’t. We have tried to list the essential RV accessories that combine to make the RV experience both safe and comfortable. We consider these to be essential to every RV, whether motorized or towable. Check it out at

Here are the categories:

The Essential RV Accessories


Emergency Flares

Towing Insurance

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Alarms

Gas Alarms

Weather Radio

Electrical Surge Protection

Water Filter

Fresh Water Hoses

Water Pressure Regulator

Sewer Hoses

UV Window Covers

UV Tire Covers

Outdoor Camp Chairs

Outdoor Camp Tables

BBQ Grill

Portable Campfire

Propane Extend-a-Stay



Paper Maps

Campground Guides

Electronic Mapping Programs


LTRVD0278 Full-time RVing

We start out with information on our website about 2 new pages about Fresh Water Systems and a discussion about motorhome vs 5th wheel trailers for full-timing.  We do a brief fuel report on fuel prices from Michigan to Florida. John reads a piece on Faking Service Dog Status by Amy Burkert at . Kathy follows with a piece on hiking with your pet. We both talk about Lake Louisa State Park  in Clermont, FL.  Check it out at  . We spend some time on the differences between full-time RVing and part time RVing.

LTRVD0277 RV Mottos, Campground Speeders, Carbon Monoxide Threats

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After reading a LOT of mail (thank you very much), we mentioned our move away from Podomatic to Bluebrry for hosting our podcast. Then we discussed a Facebook thread about speeders in campgrounds and what to do about it. Then we moved to another Facebook thread about RVing mottos various folks use. Quite amusing. Then John goes into a serious discussion about Carbon Monoxide threats to RVers. Check it out!