Techno-Geek Rally

Well, it’s Tues and we are home from the Techno/Geek Rally. It was such great fun and My mind which isn’t to great anyway is full of ideas and now I just have to spend the week reviewing what I learned and put it into practice.
Yesterday we went to see our chiropractor in Ft. Myers Fl. We call him our voodoo Dr. has he has all these strange things he does to find out how our bodies are doing. You hold you arm out and he touches certain parts of your body and if the arm falls you are disconnected, so he then adjusts your back and everything is good again. I totally do not understand it, but it works. We are both feeling better but we will have to see him again several times. He follows us on travels and would love to take his business on the road, but it’s all those licenses he would have to get for each state that would be the problem. So, he lives through us and all our adventures.
 Sat. we went to our church for a dinner theater thing they had. My son Steve paid for the tickets as a birthday present for me. It was great fun, they had a comedian who was so funny my cheeks hurt. He talked about being a 6’4′ 340lb. missionary in Argentina dressed in an orange gorilla suit walking around this very small village trying to talk to the children. Great stuff. Of course you had to be there to hear the whole story. I sure wish I had a picture of that outfit to show.
Well, today I’m off to finish my Christmas shopping, actually I haven’t started yet. Oh, well I will get it done and have that checked off my Christmas to do list.
I’ll write more later in the week. Kathy


Good Morning Happy Campers

What a day for learning all about computers and my new I phone. We are at the Techno/Greeks on Tour Rally in Bushnell and about to start a full week of learning. As you can see I already found out all about blogging and posting on this site, so here we go. I hope to get better at doing this but time will tell. We also got to talk again with our good friends Nick and Terry Russell of the Gypsy Journal fame. They are so good to be with and of course we are meeting a lot of new friends. If you have not meet the Geeks or Techno folks we have a link on our web site. Check out what they have to offer and I will keep you posted as to what is happening. Love to all.