We visit the RV Hall of Fame

Yesterday we visited the RV/MH Museum and Hall of Fame. The grounds are filled with new RV’s of every type to be displayed at the Elkhart Open House for RV Dealers. Dealers from every state will come here Monday and Tuesday to look over the newest rigs the industry has built. Unfortunately, a dealer’s pass is required and we do not have one. The museum was open.however and we had a great time looking at all the vintage rigs displayed inside. The lighting was not too good for photography but we did the best we could. Enjoy the pics!






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Elkhart, day 2

We arrived in Elkhart yesterday after 2 nights at the Fleetwood Repair Center in Decatur, IN. They fixed our door and it finally closes correctly for the first time in 5 years. They also fixed an electrical short and did an oil change on the coach. Wallet is lighter, but we’re happy.

Today we toured 5 RV surplus stores in the area. No body had our missing wheel hub cover. We also went to a wonderful store called Focal Wood in Nappanee where they manufacture custom RV furniture. We saw the solution to replacing our dinette, but we will need to reload the money supply and come back in the spring to get it.

Tomorrow we’re off to the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum a few miles from our campground.

The Rally is over

We are still in Celina, OH where we just finished attending the Gypsy Gathering Rally put on by Nick and Terry Russell. We had a great time and learned a lot at the seminars we attended. We also put on 3 seminars, one on workamping and 2 on Podcasting. Probably one of the most exciting things to happen was getting the first print copy of our book “So, You Want To Be A Full-Time RVer?” It is almost like birthing a child! Sales are moving along nicely and we’re thinking about the next book.
We’ll be leaving here Sunday to drive 32 miles northwest to Decatur, IN to the Fleetwood RV factory to get some service on our rig before we head on up to Elkhart, IN for a week or so touring RV manufacturing facilities before we head south to Florida for the first part of the winter.