Yesterday we received our new Wilson Electronics Cellular amplifier. After a few false starts, I got it up and running. Hoo-ray!!! Now we don;t have to go to town to make calls or go to the clubhouse to surf the ‘net. We took a trip to Bandera today. Bandera is known locally as the cowboy capital of Texas. Lots of touristy shops and stuff, but we had a good time anyway.I didn’t even think to bring a camera. Oops

Lone Star Corral

We’re having a great and relaxing time here. We planned this 1 week stop to see if we really want to become lease holders here. We do! Lots of friendly folks and the park is only 40 miles from San Antonio. Hopefully we will have a lot late this year or early next year. Among the maintenance items I have to take care of is the replacement of our 4 6 volt house batteries. I’m quite disappointed they only lasted 3 years, and I do battery maintenance every month. We got the new ones at Sam’s Club in San Antonio and as a bonus, we had lunch at Taco Cabana, our all time favorite Taco place. It didn’t disappoint. Next up is a trip to Banderra, about 30 miles north to sightsee and to get some things from a RV repair and parts store. The electric part of our hot water heater is not working and I will get a new heating element. I believe the hard water in Benson caused it to go south. The weather has been hot and humid but we’re handling it.
We also had to acquire a cellular phone amplifier so we might have phone and internet at our rig. Thank you

Lonestar Corrall, Hondo, TX

We broke our own rule for travel distance and did 310 miles to get to Hondo without another night on the road. US 83 south was just fine until a road construction job had 1 lane traffic over packed gravel for 3 miles. Of course there was a water truck spreading water to keep down the dust, and to make mud on our rig and car. Then we turned onto Texas 127 to bypass Uvalde and save 25 miles and 20 miles down that road came…you guessed it, another 1 lane packed gravel road construction job with a 3 mile run through just watered dust. What a mess!! We arrived at the Escapee park in Hondo and found out they have a water shortage, so no rig or car washing. Oh great! On top of that, there is no Verizon service here. It looks like there will be a Cellular booster amplifier in our future. The park is very nice, though, and we are considering becoming leaseholders here. We’ll see. We had a steady rain most of the night and I hope the dust washed off the roof because it just streaked down the side. We’ll leave here in a week and hopefully we’ll find a Blue Beacon Truck wash. Hopefully the sun will come out and I’ll take some pictures of the park today.