Painted Desert and Petrified Forrest – part 2

This is Pueblo Puerco, a settlement occupied in the 12th century. It apparently had as many as 100 rooms and was home to about 18 families.

There were many petroglyphs.

The kiva was where the men worked and held religious rituals

I got pretty tired by the end of the trip and these are the only pictures I took in the last 10 miles. Sorry about that. I guess you’ll just have to come out here and see for yourself.

There was way more petrified wood then this one. 
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Painted Desert

We started this trip at the North entrance just off I-40 at exit 311. This actually is the Painted Desert part of the park. We were blown away by the subtle shades as well as bright colors.

It almost looks like the SD badlands with color.

Every one of these points is a lookout with a name. You’ll have to go yourself to find out the names.

This was only the first 3 miles of a 26 mile drive through the park
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We visit the Meteor Crater

This is the entrance to the museum and theater of the Meteor Crator located off exit 233 of I40 east of Flagstaff, AZ. We spent the night at the Meteor Crater campground and visited at 8 AM

Hard to believe the meteor was 150 feet across and most was vaporized

Got to do something about that balloon in my gut.

Awesome!! a mile across

This is the Snowbowl North of Flagstaff

Detail from inside the crator.

That’s the campground in the distance.
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