Ft. Huachuca, AZ

Yesterday we took a ride to Ft. Huachuca to get Kathy’s ID card renewed. We had been here several years ago, but didn’t explore at all. This is a LARGE base. We found the ID card office and then went looking for the Post Exchange (retail store). After a few wrong turns, we finally got there and checked it out. Then off to the Commissary. We never get close to one without feeling the need to buy some groceries.
This post was established in the 1880’s as a cavalry post and there are museums with some of the original buildings. We will visit another time to see them and report on them.
Then it was off to Sierra Vista and a trip to the Mall there and the western clothing store. My western shirts don’t fit any more and we are having a hoe-down as the kick-off entertainment next week. We spent an entire summer in Rapid City without going to the Mall there. We’ve been here only a few weeks and there we were in the Mall. Fortunately, we escaped without too much financial damage. I hope there wont be too much dust in the air next time we go that way, as the scenery is awesome. I’ll take the camera next time and post some pictures here.

Helldorado Days

Yesterday we took a trip to Tombstone, AZ 20 miles south of Benson. In 1929, the town was dying with the playing out of the silver mines and the county seat was about to be moved. The city fathers came up with a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the town to raise awareness of Tombstone. This came to be known as Helldorado days.

Many folks dress in period costume and there are many shops selling period clothing and accessories, including guns. This is one of the rental shops in town and we saw lots of dance hall girls around town.

The famous OK Corral where the Earps and Doc Holiday shot it out with the Clantons and the McLowerys. Gunfights go on all day long here.

The equally famous Birdcage Theatre. Part gambling hall, part bar, and part bordello, it is preserved in its original state with all the original furnishings, complete with numerous bullet holes.

A couple of soiled doves perhaps?

Lots of folks dressed in 1880’s clothes.

There were several different coaches available to haul you around town.

There was even a miner.

We had a lot of fun in Tombstone, and we will go back when the town is a little less crowded to visit some of the historic buildings including the inside of the Birdcage.
We continued to head south leaving Tombstone and heading to Bisbee, a major copper mining center with many original and restored buildings. We will go back to Bisbee and take pictures for a future blog post.

Butterfield RV Resort

Better late than never. We have been here 10 days already and busy the whole time. Work, shopping, settling in, excuses, excuses. The park is pretty empty now, but the first snowbirds will arrive 1 Nov., about 30 of them. All activities start in Nov.

Well here we are in sight 8 in the workamper row. I haven’t put up everything yet, but I’m almost there.

This is my work for the winter, keeping the pool and spa clean and warm. Some of my favorite work.

This is the first park we have been in with an observatory. Astronomy shows nightly at 7:30 PM.

Here’s your friendly storekeeper. She’s a beauty!

Here are two views of the clubhouse and event kitchen.

There is another building next door with a large room and another kitchen for dances and musical events.
We are so happy to be here at this beautiful park. There are 173 RV spaces with several park models available for monthly rental. We are located in the center of town right behind the Safeway and Ace Hardware stores. Couldn’t get much handier.

We have arrived!

After 1442 miles and 190 gallons of diesel, we have arrived in Benson, AZ at the Butterfield RV Park. We will workamp here for the winter. Kathy will be at either the front desk or the store and I will be working the swimming pool. We actually got here yesterday after a stop at the Dream Catcher Escapee Park in Deming, AZ. That had been over 310 miles and we were tired. Yesterday’s run was an easy, flat 170 miles. For the entire trip we averaged 7.7 mpg on the motorhome, not bad considering we had some serious hills to climb in New Mexico. We will start our jobs tomorrow and then we will get a better handle on what there is to do in this area. We know there is a lot and we are constantly hearing about more cool stuff to see. I will get better about taking the camera and do a better job reporting.

Haven’t seen even one alien

Here we are in Roswell, NM. We had an easy run down here from Amarillo with good roads most of the way and all 4 lane!! We will only stay here to nite and get going early for a 240 mile run over the mountainous Apache reservation by Riudoso, NM on down to I 10 and on to Deming for a night at the Escapee park there. Next day we have an easy day in to Benson, AZ. We checked out the Visitor Center and Civic Center Museum today. I forgot to take the camera. Too bad because they had a recreation of Robert Goddard’s workshop where he manufactured the earliest rockets during the 30’s and 40’s. We are in a very nice park on the South side of town called Countryside RV Park. This is a very clean park with excellent utilities and 65 channel cable TV system.